At the moment a child is born, there is no race discrimination in his nature, no religion; he is all innocent and pure.
The child smiles and giggles at all the many faces smiling at his/her cute face, everyone is happy, a new child is born.
Then comes the preferences as the child begins to grow. If he is born in the North to a Moslem family, he is automatically welcomed into the Muslim community. He is taught the Moslem ways, and to believe in Allah.
If he is born in the South, he is automatically welcomed into the Christian faith and all its obligations.

If he is born in Asia, depending on how knitted the family is to a religion and what country , he will have Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism or as with the case in Nigeria, it will be selected for the child.
Then the child is taught what the real truth is according to where or the location he is born in. The child’s development commences, he is told whom to associate with and whom not to associate with.
Then the societal ladder ladened with all the societal knitted systems is rolled up for the child.
He mingles with his peers, the society he is born in.
The child is taught the right way to treat others, how to interact with others, and how not to interact with some others.
He observes, he interprets and he starts moulding his behavior in line with observed societal trends.

At every point in his development, the child is ever occupied with obedience and disobedience.
Choices must be made, and decisions are expected to carry reactionary rewards; positive, negative or punitive.
Urges are fought on the basis of priority and what keeps the child in good repute with the society.
Desires are relegated to the subconscious, and deep searching inquiries into societal ideals and behavior are relegated into the abyss of deviancy. The society is bigger than you, therefore the society is right are the echoes the child sleeps with.
The “do’s and don’ts” deepens, a lot of options to choose from, a lot of conformities to uphold and a lot of prying eyes hovers.
But develop, a child must do. At every turn in his societal interactions is the wandering learner, for the society fluctuates continuously. The child realises he has to be with the flow or deviate from the flow or modify the flow, and may go against the flow.
The child must paint his mark one way or another, after all he is now that society and the society must continue for there are yet many to come and continue the societal strain.
In the end, we are made by the society, and because we are the society, we made us!


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