10 Useful Psychological Tricks That You Should Know

Useful Psychological Tricks That You Should Know

There are many useful life hacks one can benefit through simple psychological tricks. These simple psychological hacks are used mainly in general human psychology. However, any person can apply them in their everyday life and reap the full benefits.
The following tricks about human psychology will give you an upper advantage when interacting with others, and help you identify how human psyche works. They include the following:-

  1. Confidence Booster: 
    It’s obvious that confident people always appear attractive. One confidence hack that can help you be a super confident person is to assume that everyone already likes you the moment you walk into a room or into any place surrounded by people. 

2. Make Someone Indirectly Do What You Want Them to Do: 

Use the offer system. Rather than telling someone to do something by commanding or ordering them to, offer them a choice instead. By giving them a choice, they will believe they actually made a decision on the matter, when in fact they didnt.
This is the marketers favourite trick.
When phone sellers offer you same phones with similar features but different prices…
Instead of commanding your child to take a particular toy, give them the option of a toy or more school money. 
Once you give the person an option to choose, it produces a bigger chance for better outcome.
The same principle can be utilized in different ways possible.

3. How to know If Someone Is Actually Attracted To You: 
They will mostly blink more than usual when they’re are having a conversation with you.

4. Getting People To Agree with You During Conversations: 

You can do this by simply nodding your head when you are talking. This action makes the other persons think what you are saying is likely to be true. It’s a tricky one though, and works best if you actually know what you are saying is factually accurate.

5. If You Want To Know Something From Someone: 

This is a psychological trick I have found to be highly effective. It’s like magic, and works all the time.
When you ask someone a question
and they are done answering, keep mute but continue to maintain an eye contact with them in a non-threatening way, as if you are expecting more.
You will be surprised that they will start telling you additional things regarding what they just said, everything.

6. Kill Boredom: 

Do you always get random ideas and thoughts, write it down. 
Whenever you fill bored, pick the things you wrote down that you are curious about, and research on them online. You will be killing your boredom, learning new things while also relaxing. That’s killing three birds with one stone!

7. Leadership Hack: 

Want others to always think of you as a leader? Don’t ever act surprised to anything.
This way, people will be led into assuming that you already know and are probably well versed in a lot of things.

8. Overcoming Procrastination: 

If you always find yourself procrastinating, try telling yourself that you will only do 5 minutes of the thing you want to procastinate.

By the time you have given yourself that timing, you will discover that you would rather just finish the task. This is a subtle way of overcoming procrastination anxiety.

9. Can’t Stay Awake? 

Take two liquid drinks and gulp down; One hot and one cold drink. The combination induces the brain into making you stay awake due to its stimulating nature.

10. How to Know When You’re Getting Tricked:

 If you believe someone is probably giving you a fake number, try reading it back to them incorrectly. Once they correct you, it’s the real thing.

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