10 Values to teach and inculcate in your children at an early age.

Starting from birth, children learn by exploring and having fun in a stimulating and safe environment. Also, a child’s basic relationships helps them learn how to communicate, how to think as well as develop problem-solving skills.

Children learn better by being actively engaging with their immediate environment, where they try out lots of different activities. What this means is that a child is born ready to learn already, and this helps to develop their brains through use.

A child learns best when surrounded in warm environment and engaged in a responsive relationship with their immediate carers. Therefore, as a parent or guardian, you have a vital role to play in teaching your child the right values while also guiding them through these early years. As you are your child’s primary first teacher, your child will continue to learn from you as they get older, sometimes even when you think they’re not.

Here are ways and things you can do to help teach them the proper values while also shielding them away from certain other societal issues;

1- Never allow any older or adult person to call your child ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband”.
The reason is obvious. With the sudden increase of secret perverts and paedophiles who sexually molest children, one can no longer leave anything to chances this days.

2- Once your child has reached two(2) years at least, avoid dressing up in front of them. Learn how to excuse them or you excuse yourself from the place.

3- Always make sure you know the type of play your child is involved in, especially outdoor activities. Young people this days sexually abuse themselves.

4- Don’t force your children to visit any older person they’re not comfortable with. This also means that you should always be mindful and be observant about an adult your child becomes fond of or takes a particular liking to.

5- If your child is a very lively child who plays a lot but becomes withdrawn suddenly, you may need a way to find out from your child through soft chats. Don’t think that your child suddenly decided to stop playing, something may have happened. Such incidents if left unattended to breeds a scar which may affect the child’s experience of the world as he matures.

6- Methodically educate your grown-up children about relationships and inculcate the right sex values. If you don’t teach your children what they’re supposed to know, the society will teach them for you.

7- Teach your children, especially the girls how to wash their private parts the right way (for mother’s) and make sure you deter them to never allow anyone ever touch those areas. That includes you too.

8- It’s your duty as a parent to blacklist anything or any material you think could negatively affect your child like movies, music, books, people including families and friends.

9- Make your child understand the value and importance of standing out of the crowd, and doing the right thing. Also make sure your children understand exactly what that right thing is.

10- If your child makes a complaint about a particular person, it’s your duty to take it up and make sure you get the justice of the matter in a civil manner. You have to be able to defend your children, and to scold them when they act improperly; like making false accusations against someone.

Remember, that children learn very fast and in many ways. Set them right, and watch them blossom into fine adults.

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