A cursory look at the low income earners perception of life and husle in Nigeria

As far as perceptions go, there is a lot of difference between the low income earners perception of earning for a living when compared to that of the rich.
By low income earners, I’m referring mostly to people who are on the passive earning cadre. Passive income is better referred to as money earned on a regular basis, seen mostly among the petty traders or dealer’s in small wares but not limited to them.

In most cases, one discovers that the low income earners are not scared of what the rich are ordinarily afraid of. I will explain better. Take Corona virus for example, most low income earners i know of don’t see it as a threat, infact most of them actually believe it’s a hoax. Some others think it’s a devise by the government officials to loot the nation’s financial resources.

On numerous occasions, I have been opportuned to ask some if they’re not worried they might contract this tiny particle that is currently ravaging the world seeing as there is no cure or vaccine for it.
Most of them blatantly tell me that they have never seen anyone with it and neither has anyone they know seen it.
Some actually told me that even though they believe the virus is real, the believe it is not in the country. Such is the mindset of your typical passive earner.
Whether or not their answers are sincere, one can never tell, but i will like to think it has more to do with what the acceptance of the fact meant for them; a disruption in their daily hussle.
Therefore, denial backed up by confirmation bias amongst people of similar line of thoughts compounds this mindset.

For most passive income earners, the daily hussle is not a profession or hobby. It is what they rely on everyday to feed themselves and their entire family. If they do not do this, they believe their family will die of have hunger. Therefore, for them, it is better to die of a sickness tomorrow than hunger today.

When observed purely from the perspective of wealth alone, the choice before this people are limited to death by hunger or death from sickness or bad weather.
When contrasted to the life choices open to the middle income earners and above, the difference is glaring.
In similar circumstances, the middle-class and above are faced with healthy life choice, safe living, luxurious life or normal life or pleasurable life. How they decide to go about any of this life choices is not determined by hunger. This is a very huge difference.

A typical middle income earner might not afford organic vegetables every day that will enable them live the healthiest life they desire, but they can still comfortably buy the conventional food they need for sustainance. This helps them live a normal and happy life.
For the poor passive income earner, not so much. He has to either choose death caused by hunger or death caused by poor hygiene and lack of sufficient nutrition.

With respect to the recent lock-down, when people blame the rich for importing the virus into the country through incessant travelling, i think they’re missing the basic point too.

While some people can stay at home and work from there with clean water, internet, hand sanitizers; it is good to bear in mind that this are privileges occasioned by their current income state in the economy.

For a poor passive earner whose income is from daily husle, this is not the case. The corona virus or any disease or bad weather isn’t the major driving concern for safety, it is actually the last thing they worry about. The first major battle is always hunger. If they can climb above it and survive it, a major hurdle is crossed for the day, and the husle continues the next day.

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