Common Ways To Improve Yourself Everyday

1) Realize that intensity spreads like wildfire but consistency runs like the tortoise. No matter how great you think your dreams are, be consistent with it or it will fade away like a candle on the wind.

2) Never hurry yourself with timelines set by others psychologically but not told. Some persons excel early in life early while some excel later in life.

3) Controlling your mind is the key to managing your life.

4) Inability to manage your thoughts is mind entrapment. A weak mind is a restless. Go out in nature, practice meditation, and take note of the things you spill from your mouth.
Awareness begins with realisation of a particular thing.

5) Quit casting the blame on your luck. Luck is simply preparation meets opportunity.
Those things you told yourself you wanted to do years ago, what’s stopping you from doing them?
The mind always has a way of creating the right opportunities once a step is taken.
Remember that the only person stopping you from doing or not doing anything is yourself. Every other thing are just variables to consider.

6) To improve your tomorrow, make the right decisions today without emotions. Emotional decisions may appease the moment, but not for the long run.

7) Keep a progress notebook or journal and keep track of your improvements and development.

8) Learn to be alone with your self once in a while. Take a solo travel once, eat out alone and observe your environment. Learn new cultures, interact with people who share different opinions than your own and live in the real every once in a while. Life is actually good.

9)One of the ugliest truths to learn in life is to know that if you disappeared today, life goes on for everyone else.

Therefore, stop concerning yourself about what people say all the time.
Other people don’t really think about you as you think they do. No person will sit down all day and be thinking about you, not even your parents.
People only think about you when they remember you in their thoughts. Once the memory shifts, so is the thought of you. Think about this for a while.

10) Keep your body physically fit at all times through light exercises and feed your mind the right mental foods.
As far as keeping your body physically fit goes, stop eating junk food and stop reading trash books or spend the whole day watching TV!

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