Some psychological facts about men and women

  1. Once you have are crushing on someone, you will realise that you find it hard lying to them. That’s because the brain finds it difficult to tell a lie to someone we have a crush on.
  2. A cursory look at many cultures all over the world shows that most men find younger women more attractive than older women. In the same order, most young women are attracted to older men.
  3. If someone is trying to impress you for some reason, that means they have already being impressed by you. In some other lesser extent, they just want something from you.
  4. You are very likely to fall in love with a person if you met them in a very dangerous situation or you both shared a similar trauma together.
  5. Do you know that hugging for 20 seconds causes your body to secrete oxytocin?
    This can make you to be more trusting of the person.
  6. When out on a date with your partner, the best way to know the type of person they are is to observe how they treat waitresses and waiters.
  7. Having a crush on someone makes you overlook their flaws easily.
  8. Most girls will fall in love through what they hear, while most boys fall in love by what they see.
  9. Falling in love is scientifically proven to induce neurological effects that is similar to taking cocaine.

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