Some psychological facts you should know

Some psychological facts you should know:

1) People who share the same level of attractiveness have a higher chance of ending up together.

2) Humour is one attribute you must make a habit out of. People with strong sense of humour are usually associated with honesty and intelligence. Most women are also attracted to men who exhibit a strong sense of humour, and the same thing can be said of men too.

3) The person who shares your pain with you in your painful moments can never leave you.

4) Marrying your best friend has been psychologically proven to eliminate the risk of divorce by at least 70%.
This marriage, according to psychologists, is more likely to last a lifetime.

5) Most girls do not need your honest reply to the question “how do I look?”

6) Persons who are shy are usually more smarter and trustworthy than their outgoing counterparts, extroverts.

7) Loneliness has been psychologically proven to be as harmful to a healthy lifestyle as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

8) People who are always lonely finds it easy perceiving other people’s loneliness.

9) Singles tend to give the best relationships advice.

10) Day-dreaming has been recommended to be good for your brain.

11) People who are battling with low self-esteem tend to humiliate other people any chance they get.

12) Cheaters always think that everyone else cheats just like them, while liars also tend to think that everyone else lies just like them. Its a guilt displacement strategy.

13) People who help other persons in need are more significantly happier with less probability of becoming depressed as they get older.

14) Smart people underestimate their knowledge level, ignorant people mostly think they are geniuses.

15) Most people listen to music to bury their problems.

16) Women with higher IQ’s tend to have harder times finding a love partner.

17) People who often swear are usually more loyal, honest and upfront with other people.

18) Introverts are mostly wild during sexual intercourse.

19) People text faster while chatting if it’s someone they like.

20) The type of music you listen to impacts your perception of the world.

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