Yogurt and Cholesterol: Everything You Need to Know

Yogurt is a go-to drink for most people because of its beneficial probiotics. Yoghurt is a rich source of protein and vitamins, very low in sugar, and has the capacity to keep us full when consumed. The question is, can it help reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the body? What is the Relationship between yoghurt and cholesterol?

Can yogurt lower cholesterol?

Many studies have examined and analyzed the effect of consuming yogurt on cholesterol levels.
In 2013, a study showed that eating yoghurt is linked to a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
According to the study, people who consumed yogurt appeared to have a better metabolic profile than the people who didn’t take any yogurt.

Other researches and studies has also linked the ability of yoghurt to lower cholesterol to its probiotic content. British researchers found that 2 daily doses of a probiotic reduced key cholesterol-bearing molecules in the blood( bad cholesterol). However, the study didn’t determine if this positive effect was as a result of the probiotics, the yogurt itself, or combination of both.


Though these studies did show yogurt’s ability to reduce cholesterol are not definitive, there are no doubts that eating yoghurt have a lot of health benefits. Yoghurt is a rich source of healthy probiotics, contains important nutrients and vitamins, as well as muscle-building protein.

It’s also vital that you understand the different types of yogurt. While some are laden with sugar, some are not. Sugar is definitely not good for your body which you already know due to its health related hazards. Though some people insist full-fat yogurt is best, there are other varieties that contain no fat or merely 2% fat which can affect cholesterol levels too.

•A single-serving of simple yogurt produced with whole milk
-104 calories
-7.9 grams of sugar
-5.5 grams of fat

•When you add fruit flavours, you have:
-194 calories
-19.4 grams of sugar
-5.7 grams of fat

•Non- fat yogurt contains:
-100 calories
-5.5 grams of sugar

– 0.7 grams of fat

The sugar used in the simple or plain yogurts is gotten from lactose, a natural sugar found in milk.
The one in fruit yogurt contains about 12 grams of added sugar, which is the same as 3 full teaspoons of sugar.
According to Cleveland Clinic, nonfat yogurt is the healthiest choice of yoghurt to consume. It also contains more protein.

In conclusion, though it is not yet clear if yogurt can actually lower cholesterol, yogurt has been proven to have numerous health benefits, and very rich in calcium.

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