4 Daily Habits That Kill Romance In A Relationship.

It’s usually all rosy and sweet at the beginning of any relationship. Even though this stage doesn’t usually last forever, it doesn’t mean it can’t stay alive throughout the relationship itself.
How to keep the romance going is a question a lot of people always have at the top of their mind if they intend to make it long term; and this takes little extra effort to achieve.

This is why experts always recommend that being aware of small little everyday habits that may affect the romance in a relationship is something you should know. This means you means that you should pay attention to certain behaviours that has the potential of making your relationship feel uneventful and dull. Having knowledge of this small little things will help you avoid such situations, help you spice up your relationship as well as curtail your partner from seeking the previous fun in your relationship from outside.

Most people after entering into a relationship always want to relax into that stable, comfortable part of the relationship where they feel everything is alright and so stop doing the things that lighted up the relationship in the first instance. Don’t make that mistake. Here are the little daily habits which have the possibility of killing your relationship if left unchecked:

1)Always At Your Phone

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

It’s always tempting to have the constant urge to unwind and scroll all day through your social media handles or watching stuffs on your mobile devices. However, if you are not giving your partner the full attention you should, they will always take you as being less engaged and distant from them.
Always know when to keep your electronic devices and concentrate. We live in a society where people can no longer do anything without taking a sneak at their online life. If you don’t value what is in front of you, you are definitely going to lose it.

2) Picking Up Small Fights
If you are living together with your partner for a long time for instance,
it becomes more tempting to nit-pick at certain small issues like keeping the tissue in the wrong place, or not organising the room in a certain way or not pressing the toothpaste from the bottom.
For others, it may be who is always calling first, who texts first, who responded late to a message, who bought gifts or who didn’t, why one partner always forget to do a particular thing like buying groceries or food stuffs or taking the kids to school, etc. It’s just uncountable.
Even though this type of little fights are expected, they can be avoided, because it usually leads to the other partner perceiving that you want to change them; and people are conservatively opposing to changes no matter how good it is for them.

Photo by Vera Arsic on Pexels.com

3)Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship.
If you are not sure of your partner’s feelings about you in the relationship, and you think they may be considering a possible breakup, it’s usually hard to keep the romance alive.
A study conducted by journal “Motivation and Emotion” revealed that people who feel there is a possible risk their partner may leave them rarely feel any romance or commitment to a relationship. But, it is different for people who felt secure in their relationship. It’s good that you realise that feeling a breakup is imminent doesn’t mean it will, except it’s your choosing. If any of the partners in the relationship don’t feel secure in the relationship, then it’s time you take a moment to evaluate if either of you have been trying your best to tell your partner how you feel.
If neither of you have not taken out time to appreciate each other, it is very easy to think that a breakup will happen. Ultimately, that may be what’s killing your romantic life as opposed to your feelings.

4)Not Spending Any Time Apart:

Staying passionate and romantic in a relationship doesn’t mean both of you must spend all your time together.

“Demanding your partner’s constant attention, not having outside interests or friends, or extreme jealousy are toxic to romance,” says Stein.

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on Pexels.com

It’s actually very healthy to spend personal time away from your partner. You shouldn’t kill your other lives because you are in a relationship or married. You also need to have a life you can talk about with your partner that is different from the life you share with them. Doing this will help you keep your romance alive so long as you don’t abuse it and let it take over your relationship time.

By being mindful of this little everyday killer habits, you can make sure the spark in your relationship stays alive while keeping a happy and healthy relationship in the process.

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