If Your Partner Has Any of this 5 Personality Traits, You May Have A Toxic Relationship.

Individuals with this type of negative personality traits mostly end up creating a toxic relationship.
So, the problem becomes, how to figure out the warning signs, which are usually easy if you can recognise this trait’s on time. This trait’s are red flags which can lure you into a certain false sense of security before it destroys your self-esteem. In a relationship, they may even make you start believing that you are the problem, when you are not.

Knowing this trait’s will save you from a lot of emotional and psychological trauma.
This is because you may be in a relationship with someone who is toxic but not aware of it, especially of you love the person. Loving people have a way of making you overlook things, which are usually warning signs of future events.
Toxic people are usually deceptive on the surface and can look perfect.

Here are eight negative personality traits that can lead to a toxic relationship if left unchecked.

  1. Envious or jealous of you.

There are people who may seem all happy on the surface, but deep down, they’re seriously envying you.
Most people try hard to hide an envious reaction with a forced imitated smile. It’s even worse if you were both seeking for the same thing, and you get it but the other person doesn’t get it.
How they relate with you in that your moment of joy matters a lot.
People who feel unsatisfied with their own lives will do their best to hide how disappointed they feel with fake smiles, not saying anything or commenting any negative thing to minimize their disappointment so that it will prevent the dent to their own self-esteem.

The actual feeling they are having is that of failure. Your success reminds them of their own unmet expectations. They simply don’t want you to rise above them, it hurts them. But, they cannot show it because they also know showing such behaviour means they’re bad belle. Sooner or later, that envy will start manifesting in other little things, arousing anger over things which shouldn’t be a thing. Toxic people!

  1. They will criticize or devalue you to rise above you.

This mostly occur in marriages, especially on the sort of the husband.
Honestly, there are some men who can’t bear to see that their wife is more successful than them or have more financial clout than them.
They don’t mind putting their more successful wife down just to satisfy their ego.
Before the marriage though, you can always see this trait’s at infancy but you may not take it as anything. That single bad trait you noticed and neglected during courtship is exactly the type of habit you are going to be complaining about during the marriage itself.

They criticize a lot. Since they do not they feel inadequate, they criticize others a lot in order to pick themselves up. They hype their self-esteem to make others subscribe to how good they think they are. After making themselves feel superior through this act, they openly disapprove others or berate them. Toxic people!

  1. They will make the problem your fault to cover their actions.

You know that person that is always blaming other people when things go wrong? Yeah, that’s a typical example of a toxic person.

Toxic people will blame others for all their mistakes, and then seek ways to cover up their inactions or actions so that they’re never at fault.They will find a means to make that problem your fault.

They try very hard to avoid the humbling of accepting they’re wrong, so they distort the truth. By doing this, they avoid taking responsibility for their actions and use it to cover up their mistakes. The best way they do this is by picking at your fault and blame it for their shortcomings.
For instance, instead of apologizing for cheating, they will blame it on you not being around as often.
They will tell you they are not rich because their elder last uncle refused to help them. They will tell you they got fired in their company because their boss was afraid of their meteoric rise. Those kind of people!
Everything that didn’t work out for them is always the other persons fault. Toxic people!

  1. They will do everything to prove they’re right but will never consider your own point of view.

Yeah, those kind of people!
Internally, they get off from the self-delusionary juice called admiration they get when other people need them for advice on something. The feeling of being above everyone else makes them feel special and rise above the deep hurting pain of empty-self they deeply feel within their soul.

  1. They display a false persona to disguise who they really are.

Persons with toxic personality traits can charm you into having a false sense of trust and security so that they can pull the actual wool over your eyes.
They will make sure to tell you what you want to hear. They will also mimic what they need in order to help them achieve their own agenda with you. This mostly manifests in them not being emotionally available when you need them. It’s not their thing, they are just out to leech on you, suck you dry emotionally and psychologically, even financially. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted and decide to move forward with yourself. Those kind of people! Toxic people!

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