Hercules–Corona Borealis: The Largest Known Star Superstructure in the Observable Universe.

The Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall also known as the Great GRB Wall  is known as the largest cosmic structure in the observable universe.

The Hercules-Corona Borealis was discovered in November, 2013 by a group made up of American and Hungarian astronomers.

• It is approximately 10 billion light years away when measured in length. For a little memory refresh, the observable universe is approximately 93 billion light years in diameter).

Constellation(s): Hercules, Corona Borealis, Lyra, Boötes and Draco.
“It lies in the Northern Hemisphere, centered on the border of the constellations Draco and Hercules.”-Wikipedia

This gigantic superstructure stays at the space region observed in the data set mapping of GRBs(gamma-ray bursts).

The Hercules Borealis is two times bigger than the prior Huge-LQG, making it the largest known formation in the universe.

Supercluster model:

The plausible explanation for the existence of Hercules Corona clustering was observed through a supercluster
 within the region which showed a high rate of star formation.

Since Gamma-Ray-Busts are directly associated with massive stars, more stars are formed at regions in the universe with more matter.

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