The Terrifying Defense mechanism ability of Iberian ribbed Newt.

The Iberian ribbed newt is one of the few animals with an impressive and envious defense mechanism against other animals.
The Iberian Ribbed Newt has the ability to pierce its own skin (with its own ribs) pushinh out its ribs in the process. This pushed out ribs can act like poisonous barbs.

The Iberian Ribbed Newt uses these technique to stab their predators.
Imagine if humans actually have an ability like this. Weird right?

Say two adult male humans got into a heated argument, and one both decides to push out their ribs.

“Fúcking asshole, I’m pushing out my ribs through my skin and I’m going to so fück you up with them.” they both tell themselves. Then they proceed and start duelling it out, trying to disfigure and stab the other person with their pushed out rib bones lol.

Just kidding around, but that’s some impressive ability there exhibited by the Iberian Ribbed Newt. Nature really does its thing though.

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