Palindromes: This Pun On Words Is Going To Amaze You.

What are Palindromes?
Palindromes are words, phrase(s), number(s), or any other character arrangement that reads the same when pronounced from backward to forward, and from the forward to the backward. 


===>racecar<> racecar<===

===> 11:11<>11:11<===

===> 11/11/11<>11/11/11<===

==> 02/02/2020<>02/02/2020<==




Henry Peacham was the first person to put Palindromes in print when he published his book ‘The Truth of Our Times’ in 1638.

The palindromes mostly used in English Language are character-unit palindromes. They sound the same from backward to forward and vice versa.
More Examples:
===> radar<>radar<===

===> refer<>refer<===

===> reviver<>reviver<===

===> rotor<>rotor<===

===> civic<>civic<===

===> deified<>deified<===

===> level<>level<===

Line-unit Palindromes:
Unlike the word Palindromes above, this ones are utilised in a line sentence or phrase.

==>Mr. Owl ate my metal worm”<==

===>Do geese see God?<===

==>Was it a car or a cat I saw?<==

==>Murder for a jar of red rum<==

===>Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog<===

===>Rats live on no evil star<===

===>Live on time, emit no evil<===

===>Step on no pets<===

Names of People:






•According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the longest Palindrome word is ===>TATTARRATTAT<===

•However, The Guinness World Record for the longest Palindrome word goes to:


Hope we learnt something new today! Happy Reading!

More Palindromes.

Try it out and share with your family and friends too!

Credits: GOOGLE IMAGES and Wikipedia!

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