This 10 Creepy Facts Will Twist Your Mind (Warning- photos).

Well, if you have come this far, best not to chicken out like a scared little dog.

1. In Cambodia, some infants and children were smashed and killed against a Chankiri Tree located in the Cambodian Killing Fields because their parents were charged with crimes against the Khmer Rouge.
Why were the children killed?
So that they “wouldn’t grow up and take revenge for their parents deaths”.
Evil incarnates!

2. Mount Everest is covered and littered with frozen corpses of people.
Removing them have been deemed unsafe and time-consuming.
They can be seen through the climbing routes while some are utilised as trail markers.

3. Do you know one of the symptoms exhibited by people who got the wrong blood transfusion?
Well, research says they develop “a sense of impending doom”.
Weird and Mad!

4.  Cockroaches have been noted to  chow human flesh (both living and dead). They also eat the fingernails, hands, eyelashes, and feet.
According to studies, Cockroaches from America and Germany are likely to bite people compared to any other species.

5. In Ancient Egypt, Female mummies decomposed faster than the male mummies.
Male mummies were embalmed earlier and faster.

It was discovered that female mummies were usually kept at home to start decomposing before the embalming process is initiated.
The reason is to avoid necrophilia.
Necrophilia refers to fascination with a dead female for sexual related purposes. So, a decomposed female helps avoid such situation, especially as they’re royalty!

6. Real corpses were used in the 1982 film Poltergeist. This was witnessed at the ending pool scene. However, the actress didn’t get to know until the filming was done. Eeeew! Jeez!

7. The Golden State Killer is a real psychological psychopath!

The Golden State Killer has the habit of pretending to be absolutely quiet once he was done raping his blindfolded victims. What happens next?

Once the victim gets any little courage to reach for a phone or makes a movement, dude will scare the living daylights out of them. I don’t even want to imagine the horror!

8. There is a fungus called Cordyceps. Cordyceps is a fungus which has the ability to  telepathically mind-control insects.

Cordyceps can force insects it is controlling into moving to higher grounds where they die eventually. After their death, the insects release more Cordyceps spores.

9. During the filming of the TV show  The Six Million Dollar Man, Elmer McCurdy‘s arm fell off and it was discovered that the arm had real bones and muscles.
What happened?

Well, Elmer McCurdy was a western  outlaw from the past whose body was preserved. Later on, people mistook his preserved body for a mannequin which was why it was hired for the filming of the TV show!

10. Know about the story of Moby Dick?

Turns out it was inspired by true life events from Essex Ship.
What happened?

After their ship got wrecked, the crew members were afraid of entering or going into settled islands they met for fear of being eating life; they were afraid of cannibals!

However, when their food eventually ran, they cannibalised themselves until the surviving crew members were rescued by an American ship.
But it gets better.
After the rescue, they still held onto the bones of their crew members and continued to suck on their bone marrows. It was stated that they even attacked anyone who came close. What a world!

Hope you enjoyed the creepy read, creepy-reader!

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