Your reaction!

If you can control your reaction to any news or information you hear, you will be better poised to make better decisions.

When you first hear or conceive of a thing, how you react to it matters a lot. Your reaction to any given news or information is the benchmark for any other thing that follows.
No matter the severity of what you heard or saw or conceived in your mind, your reaction to it will go a long way in determining what becomes of the information you just allowed into your system.

Remember that everything is just words or thoughts. On their own, words means nothing. The meaning of words are those attached to it by the reciever or hearer.

If someone says “you are stupid” for instance, what’s your next reaction? Accept being stupid? Reply the person back with a word more harsh than stupid? Ignore the person? Ask the person why they said that? Warn the person not to say that again? Walk away? Develop anger because of it?

You see, all the above are likely reactions to the “you are stupid” line above. The key note here is that words are just words until you attach meaning to it. The meaning you attach to the words forms the reaction you will show towards the words. Therefore, therein lies the biggest moment of self-control. You always have a choice as to what to and how to react.
Here is how it goes:
==>The words are said.
==>You hear it.
==>Your mind is forced to give the words you heard a meaning.
==>Your mind creates a meaning for the word/interprets the word.
==>You react based on this interpretation.

You see, no matter how instantaneous you react to any given news or information or sentence or words, it passed through the above illustration. Therefore, try your best to watch the interpretation or meaning you give to things you hear or saw; therein lies the key to self-control and making the right decisions not based on emotions.
Organised thoughts are hard to make a habit. But, when the framework is set up, every passing hour becomes a thrilling moment of bliss.

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