In the subconscious ocean of thoughts and constructs.

I’m just thinking to myself, a lot of things are wrong. It’s like we are on a construct or something, and each generation somehow continue in the same core construct base.

Have you taken time to think, observe and notice that there is no difference between now in 2020 and three thousand years ago? That whatever is happening now three thousand years ago, we are repeating it, just differently and in different times. Take telephone for instance. Telephone is telephone no matter all the upgrades. It’s main function is still to communicate accross locations.

The same core drives still operate in every generation Viz:

  • Food
  • Sex
  • Socialization
  • War.
  • Disease
    The only difference been that each generation just continue to find more better ways to kill each other through science and technology. I deliberately left out religion because it falls under socialization.

Deep Consciousness.

Like, has there ever been peace in this earth at any given point in time?
Like, where do we generate ideas from all of a sudden? Ideas that has helped solved problems for millions? Ideas that have saved nations. Ideas that have destroyed millions. How do we always get to get the hints that leads to solutions? How is it that certain stupïd actions or word’s helped generate world saving ideas that led to wonderful inventions?

Have you noticed that each time you meet people, you change totally. Which is why we somehow manage to block it out by being selective of our social alignment. Let me explain further. Think about these two words “love” and “hatred”. Do you know what it is?

Like do you actually know what they mean? You may read it all you want, imagine it how you like, but you can never know what it is unless you have felt it. Just like anger, happiness, sorrow, worry, etc.
But the tricky thing is, how do you know what you are feeling is real? I mean, if you love someone, you will tolerate a lot of things from them. But, if you hate someone, you won’t tolerate the same things. Can you actually say you know what love is, seeing as it is selective?

I mean, for example, if you show love to your family members who are five in total, do you have the capacity to replicate same love to the remaining 7billion+ people on earth? Can you love 7billion+ people equally? Can you hate 7billion+ people equally? We use a tiny percentage of our understanding of love to think we know the full concept. That percentage represents only the acquaintances you have directly through whom you made your decisions about love and hatred. And this acquaintances also made their decisions in same manner.

subconscious thoughts are the fulcrum of the conscious.

We are so limited in knowledge that we think we are capable of things we don’t even understand a fragment of. The only thing we know what they are, are facial contortions like smile, anger, cry, etc. Yet, we all know they are deceitful. I could be smiling, but it doesn’t mean i am happy. A could hate B, it doesn’t mean A will want to see B die. A could one day also love B if the situation permits. What falls under same principle of what is important today, may not be important tomorrow. Situation today, will not be same tomorrow.
So, in other words, situations give rise to some attitudes or emotions. There is nothing to say any of them is real, just changing times.
In other words, everyone in the world think they are understanding something in the same way when in fact, it is a very big lie. No two families live in the same way. No two people have the same lifestyle. Everyone has a secret. Every one in a very sweet united family is living his own Life different from the rest of everyone else. Every one is experiencing their own life differently. But, i digress.

To be continued!


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