Escaping the Obesity Prison By Kalu Chidi

I’m sure you are surprised to hear of the Obesity prison. Well, for certainty, there is a prison known as ‘Obesity Prison.’ This prison exists for some special kind of persons. Unlike other regular prisons where you have to be sentenced by someone to go in, you are the only one to ever send yourself to this kind of prison. The voluntary nature of the prison is one reason why most people are seemingly ignorant about it.

The nature of the prison is simple – free to walk around without restriction, but with an obvious prison uniform. Obesity prisoners pretend they are cool with their baggy skirt or elasticized pants uniform, but truth is, they are not. Left within their power, they could go for more fitted wear.
The Restrictions in Obesity Prison
While you can walk around as an obesity prisoner, there are few restrictions imposed on you. some of these restrictions include; no swimming, no long-distance walking or running, no playing with your children, restriction on general body exercise, and others. Of course, these prisoners break these rules from time to time, but it doesn’t go without certain punishment. Vigorous sweating, fatigue, soreness, and shortness of breath are few punishments that await them each time these restrictions are broken.

In addition to these restrictions, the extra weight carried by these prisoners fills their daily living with constant tiredness and chronic fatigue. Accumulation of the various side effects they experience gradually lead to a poor inferiority complex. Mixing up with other people becomes a hectic task for them, they prefer hanging around fellow prisoners.

Do Prisoners Face Any Health Risk?
Health experts say that the greater the weight in the human body, the higher the amount of strain on the joint and spine. Further increase in the weight provides the human heart with a double task in keeping the body going. This is one reason why many obesity prisoners fall sick often. Another risk obesity prisoner’s face is the Risk of Depression. The rate of depression in them is quickened by the numerous challenges accompanying obesity. When the situation is not handled professionally, their children are likely to join them in this prison.

Are You An Obesity Prisoner?
Well, I assume you know your status by now. Just to set the records straight, if you constantly take in food like chocolates, doughnuts, fatty meat, potato chips, cookies, and creamy desserts, then you are heading to the prison, if not there already. Unfortunately, most persons – I believe you aren’t part of, won’t mind being fat prisoners, as long as they maintain their food choice.

What Is The Escape Route?
Typical of any prison, escaping isn’t as easy as getting there. However, if you are there already, you must first determine not to remain there again and as such look for the fastest route out. One of the best escape routes you will find is to quit feeding on junks and begin a proper feeding diet program.

While you will not hope to be completely free except for some months, a few weeks of persistence on feeding diet will see you ten times better than before. The ball is now in your court. Will you choose to remain a prisoner for life, or stand up now and regain your freedom?

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