With new week, comes a new dawn. If you are reading this, well we are still here! As we go about the rest of the day and week, let’s strive to keep the passion alive.

Know yourself.
It’s a new week with brand new activities ahead. Know yourself, and don’t allow anything you can avoid bring sadness to your life this week.

Never compare yourself to others.
Try as much as possible not to compare yourself with anyone this week. The Corona Virus is still ravaging the world. Avoid people who are not taking all the warning and safety precautions. A lot of people have died because they just couldn’t take simple health precautions.

Never measure happiness by the standards of others.
As you go into this week, do not measure your own happiness by the standard of others, except its a healthy one. Be happy anyway you can, but by all means don’t add misery to anyone.

Focus on becoming a better person than you were yesterday.
Focus on becoming a better person today and every other passing seconds. Realise what you did wrong in the past week, do it better this week.

Accept yourself.
This is the key to self-love. No matter anything, you have to learn to accept who you are. By accepting yourself, you also indirectly invite others to accept you for who you are.

Happy Monday!!!

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