This creepy facts will turn your skin(Cont’d)

1) The Sedlec Ossuary is a church in the Czech Republic totally decorated with human bones.

The Sedlec Ossuary.

What happened?
Well, it so happened that there were not enough space to bury them all in the cemetery; congested space. The church leaders then agreed that their bones should be kept close to the church so that they can be closer to God.

Sounds scary whenever we hear the word monster right?

Well, the monster of the Andes is the Colombian serial murderer known as Alonso Lopez.
This serial killer raped and murdered at least 300 girls accross Peru, Ecuador and his homeland, Colombia.
What happened?
When the monster of the Andes was finally caught, he was remanded in a psychiatric home. After a while, he was certified sane despite his numerous warnings that he is going to kill more girls if set loose. Nonetheless, he was set free.
The monster of the Andes is currently free and no-one knows his whereabouts till today and aged about 71yrs.

3) Ever heard about this gene disease known as fibrodisplaysia ossificans progresiva? I can assure you that it is a horrible genetic mutation.

This genetic disease causes damaged tissues in the body to be replaced with bones. Yes, you heard that right.

It grows from under the skin, interlocking with the joints. With time, the affected person is enveloped by bones just underneath their skin, a bone prison. This forces the individuals to settle between standing or sitting for the rest of their life. They will also be confined to eating from straws also; and movement is totally restricted.

4). Do you know about John F. Kennedy’s sister called Rosemary Kennedy? Let’s rejig your memory a bit. JFK was once the president of the United States of America.

Rosemary Kennedy was noted to have suffered oxygen deprivation at her birth. As a consequence, this development stunted her mental growth.
Even though she had a decent childhood, she began to act out as she grew older.

Because the father was afraid that her behavior might endanger his political career, her father, he decided to lobotomize her. But, the wife was totally against it and will not hear of it.
What happened next?
Mr Joseph, Rose’ father went ahead with the operation when the wife travelled, and the lobotomy was performed on her daughter Rose.
It didn’t go as planned though, and her IQ was made more redundant than its previous version.

Rosemary Kennedy.

Resultant effect?
Rose Kennedy was dumped in a care home and abandoned by her family who didn’t want anything to do with her. Mrs Kennedy never forgave her husband for the unholy act. Rosemary finally died at the age of 86.
Inside life!

5) The eyes of humans do not reflect light at night unlike that of most animals.

Noticed this one through NatGeo Wild a long time ago.

6). Do you know that Lobsters don’t age?
The cells of Lobsters don’t decompose like the rest of other animals.

This is why lobsters can grow so big that they exhaust a lot of energy trying to shed. This excess use of energy causes them to die of exhaustion.
For immortality and every day young seekers, here’s a cue!

7) When bitten by the blue-ringed Octopus, a person have approximately six minutes to live except an emergency CPR session is applied to the individual to keep their lungs and heart from failing.

Turns out the blue-ringed Octopusy have a deadly neurotoxin which causes paralysis and kills the person who’s been bitten within six (6) minutes.

8) According to animal experts, the best tactics when in sudden ambush from a bear is to play dead.

However, if you have a wound and they start licking it, that is bye-bye. They are about to eat you, so you can as well say your prayers and be a happy meal!

9) Heard about the Toxler Effect?

This occurs when your brain decieves your mind through a misconceived optical illusion into believing it’s seeing monsters when you look at a mirror.

The Toxler Effect forces your perception of reality to change by false illusions. You start seeing things that aren’t there==>psycho! We call it kolomental case over here.

10) This is no longer news. At least, 7000 people are estimated to die annually because of the doctor’s bad handwriting.
There should be a rule or something mandating doctors to learn how to write clearly and succinctly. Come on, this is life we are talking about here! I don’t know what they’re hiding with their secretive jaundiced fowl-scratching handwriting style.

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