There is no way to know if the classification of thing’s on earth is the real and accurate one. We just think we do. Do drug’s actually work? Or is it an advanced placebo effect?

There is no way to know if everything is actually anything because it is all in our heads. Is there anyway to actually know what you are thinking except use languages that we developed over time among clusters. There is nothing that suggests that to the other animals, our sweet highly advanced speech process sound’s like grunt’s or something else to them… Just like we think they sound to us.
Can you honestly look at yourself and say everything around you is not a product of your own imagination?

There are about 7billion people on earth who are all having, each their respective experiences, peculiar to them alone. This is very easy to calculate using your immediate environment. Take yourself for example. In a family, your father has his friends, your mother has hers, you have yours. Some or few may know each other. Each of your mother, you and your father’s friends all have their friend’s and families too… And it continues to go. Each of these people have their own lives irrespective of any given friend they have. Main reason being that, we are always alone with ourselves all the time. Every other person is just another visitor we adjust ourselves to by reason of a supposed form of affiliation.
In other words, can you really still answer the question that everything around you is not a product of your imagination?

The question is left for you, but I would suggest you don’t dwell on it for your mental health.
However, ask yourself this reality shattering question:
What exactly I’m i incharge of in my life?

I hate to break it to you, but the answer is a big fat nothing. This scares me a lot.
A lot of people think they are in control of their lives and affairs, both at societal and individual level. But, is that really true?
We all find ourselves at a divide already from birth. At birth, a side has been chosen for us, and we must play our script perfectly. A child knows nothing at birth, blank. But, as he grows, his environment forces him to align for survival. Everything the child grows up to know are thing’s that are not supposed to be his business ab initio, but we must continually train our children to follow in our path. The path that is spearheaded by the core drives i listed above Viz:

  • Socialization
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Food
  • War.
  • Disease

The funny part is that none of it all make sense. When you look at the reasons people do thing’s they do, both alleged good and bad ones, none of it all makes sense.
Have you ever tried imagining the fact that you are already dead, and that you don’t know it yet? Even when clues are dropped here and there, people still don’t get it. What do you think statistics are for?
If you were born today in 2020 in Nigeria, stats say average life expectancy of Nigerians are between 50 – 60yrs.

That means any time from 2080, you should be expecting your death; that is if you are not dead already before then. Let’s say you lived to be 120yrs and died in 2140 in the future. Did you actually die at that point in 2140? Or is that when you realised you are dead? Or do you even know if you are dead or alive at the moment because already, you are dead at a set time in the future.

You don’t understand? Do you know that you are seeing sunshine some minutes late? In other words, the light you think you were seeing was infact generated few minutes. Still don’t understand? I’m saying that the time that you saw the sun rise isn’t the real time it actually did rise, just the time you were able to do so. You are seeing something that happened some minute’s ago as if it is happening at the moment. In other words,if you saw the rise at 6am, you are infact seeing it in the past because the sun has already moved ahead 8mins before you saw its light shine. You are only seeing photon’s released by the sun 8mins ago but it hit your eyes 8mins later.
This is complex, but I do hope you understand.

To be continued.

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