I Only Date Men Whom I Played Hard To Get. Why Do They Turn Abusive Once I Start Dating Them?

Should they not treat me better seeing as they worked hard to be friends with me?

They answer to the above question lies in the fact that only abusers and people who don’t respect other people’s privacy are the ones who will keep chasing a person even after they say “NO!”.
Think about it
for a moment.

If you are approached by someone, and you want to be chased for  a while, you say no. If the person that approached you is a decent person who respects other peoples boundaries, they will accept your no reply and simply  move on with their life.

What type of person continues to woo you after you have said No?

a) Someone who doesn’t respect other people’s privacy and boundaries.

b) Someone who do not accept  No for an answer.

c) A person who feels they’re entitled to possess or own you.
Yeah, that’s the A+ sign of a future abuser!

Is it surprising though that you end up with abusers?
Now you know!

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