What can you do to constantly improve yourself everyday till death comes calling?

1) Know that most of the self help books out there doesn’t make sense. Except it is free, it is written for one major reason, profit.
It’s no secret that we grow by trial and error, and that also includes the errors we see other people do.
Learn from them and adapt this tactics in your life if you want to improve yourself everyday and suffer less.

2) Read books that add values to your life, especially non-fiction.
This is not to say that reading fiction is  it good too, but as the name suggests, it’s fiction and not real, so except you are reading them for entertainment purposes, read books that will actually improve you and make you less stupid.
Knowledge builds  like compound interest builds up over time and you will be surprised at how versatile you become with time.

3)Most sicknesses are because of  stress, except for Sexually transmitted Diseases. Therefore, be very picky about what you give your time to.

4) Eat less junk food.

5) Exercise more. You can start with five (5) minutes everyday. Doctors say that exercise is good for you, so listen to them; they’re the health professionals. Doctors also identified bending as an exercise that can make you live long. To know more about the exercises that can help you live long, click on this link.

6) Learn how to say No. You can say it out loud to yourself sometimes. A lot of people will respect you more when you start saying No for a change. It will also weed out people who you don’t need in your life.

7) When you play it safe, you are not  living but existing.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing”

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