I say this because time is relative. In other words, we perceive time differently and there is nothing to show actually that you are living in the present at any given time.
Now, once you are born, it also means you are dead at the same time. Confusing right?
Now, this is not some time travel related theory conspiracy theory, but everything is happening at the same time! Our brain just won’t allow us conceive this huge reality.

If you were born on 1/1/1980 at 1pm in a particular hospital in Abuja, did this day get deleted in history because your brain has blocked access to the events of that day, making it impossible for you to know you actually went through that day, and that you never remember thing’s about that day again in full… Just in bits, and yet, it cannot be trusted.
1/1/1980 will always be there in time, static and never moving just like today 10/4/2020. Everything that happened today will always be happening today in human time forever.
Should you find a way to travel back in time, you can always go to this particular time, and observe it like a film show. So ask yourself, why don’t you remember even your most precious of memories?
Psychologists say that we don’t remember things, we just remember the last time we remembered that thought.

You do random thing’s just because you can or think you can. Humans for instance, invade, take and destroy in group’s under a united umbrella tagged government just because they can. We kill animals and birds and eat for fun. For those who cower before us, we make them pets. Or so we think. Who is the actual pet anyway?

We don’t care about how the animals we kill feel, it’s meat and it nourishes our body. This is also why the concept of religious worship doesn’t make sense for humans. Other animals don’t worship humans, and their worship even if they did, will not stop a human from eating a good meat. We don’t care about their sound’s/speeches. We don’t even hear it to begin with, we just assume we do from a few mimical acts our brain was able to comprehend in its own way.
The basic underlying point here being,for a typical human being, any animal is fair game. When you apply same concept to religion, you understand that even if the persons being glorified in religious practices are actually god’s, they don’t care. To the alleged god’s, every human is fair game if we can serve a purpose. We only need mirror our acts and view it in a spectrum to begin to comprehend.
For us humans, we know how to go about dealing with other animals. I should think the specie above us or whatever it is that spawned this universe, we don’t matter except we are going to serve a purpose… But, i don’t think it is dinner.

Do computers understand they are computers?
All a computer does is to execute programs and nothing more… Nothing more!!!
But, it can only execute any given program if the environment enables it…power source. No matter how great a computer is, it needs a power source foremost before it can work…See resemblance to human?

Having said all that, there is no reason to suggest that the way we understand thing’s are the way they actually are, just the way our ancestors laid down for us through their own eye’s too. Remember, we are seeing things from our human eyes, and are interpreting it based on our human eyes, the most deceitful always from individual perceptive. Everyone has their perspective and opinion on everything, and everyone is seeing things differently all the time despite the collective alignment point’s like government, church, family.
Tell hundred people to explain a particular thing, and watch how you will get hundred different answers if none are affiliated in any way. Same concept, different understanding all shaped by:

  • Socialization
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Food
  • War
  • Disease.

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