Seven Genuine Ways To Become Mentally Strong.

In this write up, i will be showing you seven trusted simple ways you can apply in your lifestyle to become mentally strong and develop a strong willpower.

1. Face your fears

This may look simple and easy, but experience has shown me how hard it is to face ones fears. Though it takes a lot of courage to do this, but in the long run, you will be happy you did. The key question to ask yourself is, how long will i run from my fears? Will i continue to run forever from my fears?
Do you love writing but tell yourself excuses why you can’t write? Start writing today, even if it’s all junk. Write, edit, write and edit till you get a good sentence. From a sentence you can write a full page.
Whatever in your life is making you frightened, face it squarely and challenge it. All of the time, our fears come from the idea we have developed of something rather than the thing itself.

2. Take cold showers.

Except you are suffering from any lung related illnesses, take a cold shower as often as you can. Here are the benefits you can get from taking a cold shower:
– it energises your body.
– stabilize blood pressure.
– speed up post-workout recovery
– boost your immune system.
– help relieve depression.
– Facilatates weight loss.
– helps with combat stress.
So what else are you waiting for?
By taking a cold shower, you are also testing your willpower and your ability to forcefully stand against any weather literally!

3. Fall in love

Let your heart be broken if you can. This may seem a little odd, but the message here is not to let your fear of a heartbreak stop you from taking that chance of falling in love whenever you can.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.

I think this is the one advice most wealthy and fulfilled persons everywhere and anywhere will tell you. To achieve more, to enjoy life more, you have to leave your comfort zone and journey to unexplored territories. Do something you have not done before( not crime).
Meet new people, learn new sports or engage in activities you have not down before. Learn a new skill of you can, learn how to cook if you didn’t in the past, but by all means get out of your comfort zone and interact with your environment. You will be amazed at what you will learn when you do this.

5. Meditate

The benefits of meditation cannot be overemphasized. Mediation is the best mental exercise you can engage in to tough up.
Meditation helps you to be calm, and a calm person is better poised to make rational decisions. This is a vital element for mental growth and strength.
In the long run, you become more productive, focused and peaceful, confident and fully aware of your actions as you wouldn’t be in a haste to make ill-thought decisions.

6. Be stoic

Don’t worry about things beyond your control. Focus on only the things you can control. The only things you can control is what comes from you, focus on them. Defer to reason over blind faith, and don’t get too attached to mundane things with no value.

7. Accept yourself

A lot of people live their lives this days trying to be someone else, they forget there is already a person living in them they have neglected.

Accept yourself and try to make yourself better. If there is any trait you admire in another person, learn from it and improve it in your life. There is only you in the whole universe. Let that sink in. The people you want to be like are being themselves. Why shouldn’t you be yourself too?
Tell yourself you are enough, and that you can still improve. Most people live all their lives resisting changes, when they could have improved on the changes to bring positive vibes into their lives.

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