How you can help yourself choose a wonderful partner.

How to choose the right partner is one of the most vital questions to consider as a young person once that inevitable time starts ticking. You do know the time right?

There is no one sling shot at it, and no-one can actually say that what worked for G will work for K.
This is a big step and it requires a lot of thoughts.

The first things to always consider are physical attributes and medical compatibility. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people do neglect it, and it can turn out very bad quickly.
Go for someone you are actually attracted to, enough to suit your taste. I’m talking about someone you will be able to show off to your friends; someone that you’ll be proud to say “this is my spouse.”

It is also important to do medical check up. Check your genotypes and compatibility, STD’s, STI’s and general medical history. These factors are very important.

If you are ready to take the big step, then these tips are for you.


Most people , especially women, settle for partners. This might be as a result of parental or societal pressure or the fact that most of their friends are married. This should not be happening in this day and age.
Nobody should have to settle for a spouse because they want to get married. It is important to find love. Remember the saying “if you rush in, you rush out”. There are women out there who are married to men that they hate and despise. There are men that feel the same way about their wives. This does not have to be your story.


This flows from the first point above. Seek out someone you can actually live with, someone that doesn’t irritate you and embodies the nice qualities you’re looking for. The manner people eat, talk or walk can be a huge turn off. People get divorced over minor issues like ‘incorrect’ or ‘correct’ usage of toothpaste. You will be surprised at the avoidable minor things that can create resentment in marriages.


You should be able to discuss anything with your spouse. Some women find it difficult to freely talk about sex with their partner.
If I can’t discuss sex with my husband, who else should i discuss it with? While dating, it’s important to ensure the intended partner is on the same page with you on sensitive matters. Talk about this sensitive issues and make sure you share all your thoughts.

If you’re already married, you can start breaking that barrier little by little. It’s important to communicate in a relationship, it makes for a better understanding and bonding.


Nobody wants a non-supportive partner. Noone wants a partner, who turns vile and cruel when the other person is doing better.
All these are things that you should consider before you settle down. Nobody is perfect, but the imperfections must be something you can live with.


Meeting the partner of your dream is utopia, it almost practically never happens but not impossible. You can also help build the partner of your dream.
I’m not asking you to lower your standards, but remember they are humans too. Like I said earlier, just make sure their imperfections are things you can deal with. Deal with as in ‘tolerate’, not deal with as in ‘change’ because it might be impossible to do that.

In conclusion, go for someone whose physical attributes and mannerisms are okay with you. Like your partner for who they are, not because of their family members or what they do or how they look or their pockets; all those things can disappear in the twinkle of an eye.

Written by MrsMusty.

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