Why You Need to Take the Subject of Faith Seriously

To the indiscriminate mind, faith is a word that strikes up thoughts of religion, and consequently, a deity. A casual opinion on faith would center on an idea, said to sustain the activities of a people who identify with a religion. While this is an accurate thought, it is also a word that is so easily dismissed. Dangerously so!

At worst, faith is considered a nonsensical notion, because it’s usually thought to be lacking empirical evidence. A praying man or woman is said to exercise faith when they expect something to happen miraculously. So they keep focus on the person (or thing) that would realize their hopes. However, a closer look at this scenario points to the fact we are all faced with questions of faith dealing with life changing matters. Except we also refute the basic idea of hope, we find that we are taking leap after leap of faith dealing with such situations. Why, in the end we are equally dependent on forces beyond our control to take charge of our affairs.

It was Albert Einstein that said “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. This goes to show that we tend to reach out to something beyond our immediate conscious dispositions in order to solve many of life problems. Faith then becomes that pillar against which our hope rests. It becomes ambiguous, only when we fail to consider the means we employ to make ends meet. Humans that we are, it goes without saying that we are in the perpetual business of solving problems. And it is in these tough situations that we find ourselves placing unflinching trust in a person (or thing).

In this age of global interconnectedness, it is easy to plant a thought in the unwary mind. And there’s nothing that appeals to the troubled mind than an assertive media content, even if misguided, offering ideas on how to handle life. Looking deep into the subject of faith will help us to realize a great truth about where we are. It will also show us how we can get to where we need to be without causing more harm along the way, to others and ourselves.

Written by Revival Ojedapo

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