Never stop. Keep expanding and evolving

The best approach all businesses should adopt during its pilot stage is to start on the business of change and eventual expansion. The entrepreneur should know the components of what will be doing – e-commerce, advertisement, outsourcing of services to name a few. The goal is to be flexible enough to do what is necessary to meet the clients’ wants.

Your business should be centered on change and eventual expansion

Prof. Ayo.

Having a business that will not go beyond the bounds a particular location should not be your dream as an entrepreneur, want to be just a businessman? Then there’s nothing wrong with this. But an entrepreneur with the dream of an empire builder absolutely cannot.  Take a cue from McDonald’s business model. Everyone knows who they are, it is known in almost all the major city in the world. Why? A simple reason, they are located in almost every street corners of the globe (no exaggeration).

McDonald is known worldwide.

Knowledge of what the market want is a key principle in any business. It is important that you keep up and be constantly informed about changes in the needs and behavior of your target market. Don’t forget that “Customer is king” and it’s the king that call the shots. The business should also constantly gleam from the global market and proceed as situation arises. 

Need to expand your thinking and goals? Here are 7 tips to help you out.

  1. DO More Than Paid for:

Embrace what I call “too much tradition”. The image your business should project

Go the extra mile.

Should not just be “good” it must operation, delivery and customer satisfaction should be nothing but perfect. Are your clients expecting to be 90% satisfied? Give them 150% satisfaction. Are their expectations of you 100%? Deliver 200%. 

Embrace a tradition of “too much” Are your clients expecting to be 90% satisfied? Give them 150% satisfaction. Are their expectations of you 100%? Deliver 200%. 

  1. Think Global;

What should always be at the back of your mind is that you are operating a global business. This is important, isn’t the world already a global village given the vastness of the   internet and our era of  fast transport. When you think globally, you will get ideas more readily expanding your vision immensely. One very important note here is not to forget to operate locally.

“think local” to “think global”

“Think globally, but operate locally”  it is important to commit this to memory.  Imagine having your own business in all the town of the world but adapt each store to operate according to the locality.

Think globally, but operate locally

  1. Be Ubiquitous;

There are tons of social media platforms out on the net, facebook, twitter, Instagram and numerous others, it’s nothing but craziness not to leverage on them to reach potential customers. That one post might just land you a new customer at the other end of the planet. Be everywhere, invest in a quality website or blog and continue to push out your products or services.

It’s nothing but sheer craziness not to leverage on the power of the internet. The power of the social media

prof Ayo.
  1. Make your Customer’s business your business;

What’s the first rule of business? Mind your own business. Easy right? But when it involves your customer, the first rule is to make your Customer’s business your primary business. The bulk of the success of your business will come when make it a priority to constantly ask yourself what they want to get done. Then go all out to get it delivered.

Customer relation 101 is summarized thus; make your Customer’s business your primary business.

Make your customer business your business
  1.  Cast aside Fear and Doubt;

It is okay to be afraid sometimes but when they come, don’t dwell long on them or they’ll develop powers and grow bigger and come to haunt you. Rather when fear arises cast them adrift and at all cost don’t let it limit your scope or gaze.

  1.  Expand your Horizon

Don’t be A single Product or Service Business, As much as you can do not limit your product or service to a single offering status. The advantage that lies therein is that if one is not doing so well, the others can cover up for it. As you grow, develop and conquer more grounds, add more services, add a new product. That way you get an edge over your competitors 

Expand your Horizon
  1. Believe! Believe!! Believe!!!;

As much as you can, believe things will work out fine. Believe and hope for the best, plan for when thing go south. Have a back up plan but believe that you initial plan will turn out to be a success. Believe in God and offer prayers to him. This helps out a lot. 

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