Are You An Entrepreneur?

Everyone wishes for financial buoyancy, while many are not willing to create a business. Also, people begin a business but could not maintain and grow it because of the risk foreseen in such an attempt. However, this is not among the trait of a good entrepreneur.

Below are the different notions about entrepreneurial skill:

Some school of thought holds that entrepreneurial skill is a talent. Thus only people who have the trait are successful in doing business. This opinion is not valid. Many successful entrepreneurs learn the art of selling from people who have experience in such disciplines. Another school of thought believes that entrepreneurs are people who possess the skills to create a change in the world and meet the need of the people.

Another school of thought believes that being an entrepreneur is a trait and a skill acquired. Thus, being an entrepreneur requires you to have a skill that you acquire from an institution and a thought for creating the value that people wants.
Successful people such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg started when he was a student at Harvard University and later dropped out. He is an excellent example of an entrepreneur, coupled with the outstanding achievements he made recently by buying WhatsApp and Instagram.

An entrepreneur is a person who takes up the risk to start a business, create value, solve a problem, and be passionate. He makes and organizes a business, but he also takes risks greater than mere financial risk.
Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur and writer, said, “business philosophy is always to create value, build trust over time and have patience.”
Building trust is paramount to the success of an entrepreneur because it brings more prospects to the company. Successful entrepreneurs aim to create an impact on their customers, and this build-up trust in the business.

Entrepreneurship is a game of trust; once people have the confidence in an individual, they come to him for their wants, which he will happily meet.

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