Nation-building: The Role of Every Citizen (PART ONE)

By Revival Ojedapo

The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, is a nation with the potential of being one of the developed countries in the world. This potential, and the elusiveness of its realization, has led a large percentage of Nigerian citizens into a state of perpetual complaint. The story goes, “we have the resources, but we are still behind”.

It’s the same story in every corner of the country, and the culprit is none other than corruption. The older generation sang the chorus, and the youth have taken it up, “corruption is killing our country”. Also, the people are never bereft of finding someone to blame. Most of the time, it is the people in government that wear the cap of guilt. While this blame tag is not completely false, it is also not accurate.

Decades upon decades, Nigerians, old and young, have never ceased to express their disdain at the direction this country seems to be heading. Who else could be at fault but the leaders? They’re leading us astray, it seems. Surely, it looks like Nigerians know what the problem is but can only watch helplessly as the country continues to wobble. However, one would wonder if that’s all there was to it. Is the government solely responsible, every ordinary citizen blameless? The answer is no.

One truth that we can’t refute, even when we consider the high level of insecurity, is that Nigeria is a land of opportunities. Mr Ayoola Oduntan, the Group Managing Director, Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited, reiterated this fact when he said, “Nigeria is a land with great opportunities but we have to first of all decide which part of the opportunities you want to tap into”. It is true that returns are not always befitting and not everyone has easy access, but which country can bold of having a hundred percent record in this regard? However, what most developed countries can bold of is this: every citizen plays their role in nation-building.

It is really a question of doing our bit in the quest hope of fulfilling the potential of the nation as a whole. Diligence is key, and until we are all faithful in the things we do—even if they seem little—we’ll never really grow as a nation. We all need to reach within ourselves and offer the best we can in the workplace, in our homes, and in social gatherings. It may seem like a burden, raising our hands up to lift the nation, but we must do it together, even in our diverse obligations and cultures. When someone fails to do their part, the pain is borne by all. When everyone does their part, the task of pushing the nation forward becomes easier.

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