The secret to passing Literature Examinations in Nigeria.

The subject is compulsory for all art students in Nigerian secondary schools. Students who wish to study courses such as Law, English, Journalism, etc need a compulsory credit pass in Literature. it is not encouraged to pass with only a credit grade; you need at least a B or an A.

To achieve this in literature can be a little bit difficult if you don’t know how to answer questions perfectly in the subject. There are so many students that had to change their choice course just because of this simple subject. Literature should not be difficult if it is properly taught and understood. This article will give you tips that will help you get that perfect score in your next Literature examination.

1) Create an outline:

An outline is a framework or a guide that will help you write better. The benefits of an outline are in two folds. An outline will save you time because you do all the brainstorming at once. An outline also gives you a sense of direction and will help you plan your answers. So, the first thing you need to do is to create an outline. Your outline should be in the form of an enumeration of the point you wish to discuss.

Comment on the theme of parental irresponsibility in Faceless.
Paragraph 1: Definition of parental irresponsibility and general comments on how it can affect the child and the society at large.
Paragraph 2: Maa Tsuru as the main example of an irresponsible parent in the text and how her actions affected her children.
Paragraph 3: Other irresponsible parents such as Kwei, Poison’s stepfather, Odarley’s mum, etc, and how their actions affected their children.
Paragraph 4: Conclude by stating what all these children have in common and what their lives would have been like if they had had responsible parents (you can also conclude by comparing them to Kabria’s children).

2) Divide your answers into paragraphs:

As shown in the outline above, it is compulsory that you divide your answers into paragraphs. Each of your paragraphs must be focused on a particular part of the answer. Try as much as possible not to repeat your submissions. Each paragraph should be distinctive, coherent, and captivating yet all the paragraphs should come together to form your answer. This is very simple and easy to achieve. Start by creating your outline, then follow it to develop your answers.

3) Use excerpts from the book or poem:

Another thing that students failed to do is use excerpts from their poems and books. That is why it is compulsory to read the recommended texts and not just depend on summaries.
Prior to your exams, ensure that you have memorized part of the book and poems that will lead to their main focus. For instance, Lonely days by Bayo Adebowale talks about loneliness and the agony of widowhood, so you should know parts of the book that dwell on these topics. For a poem like Ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti, you should be able to quote lines that are talking about mismanagement and corruption.

4) Make sure your sentences error-free:

Always bear in mind that most Literature teachers also teach English. Make sure all your sentences are free from all forms of grammatical errors such as dangling modifiers, misuse of tenses, the omission of articles, lack of agreement between the subject and the verb (Concord), etc. You should also punctuate your work correctly.

5) Write comprehensively:

Your answers must be as comprehensive as possible. Don’t give four lines and conclude that you’ve answered a literature question. I’m not asking you to fill your answer booklet with unnecessary things. If you think deeply about the question, you will be able to get all the materials you need to fill at least a page.

In conclusion, Literature is a very interesting subject to learn and should not pose any trouble in the examination hall. Just make sure you follow these tips and you will get that perfect score.

Written by MrsMusty.

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