Some ugly truths of life.

1) I have realised that Karma never works the way you expect. 

The people you think are evil will live and enjoy a fulfilled long life.
The people you expect to sail through at most things in life end up being punching bags for bad lucks. Don’t go about expecting that karma is going to catch up with everyone who wrongs you, reality is different, and can be very much disappointing.

2) This may not seem obvious, but everyone do have insecurities.

You will be surprised at the little things people are truly concerned about. 
I hope you do feel better now knowing you this, or you can still feel insecure about yourself. The choice is yours!

3) People die. 

Everyone dies eventually, and that includes our loved ones. Cherish every moment you can with them, that will be all you will have of them, buried deep in your memory to be re-lived only be you…mostly when you are alone.

4) To get what you want most of the time, you have to be able to get uncomfortable with things.

To get an athletic body, you have to be able to do what is required to get an athletes body. To speak at a public gathering, you have to speak at a public gathering. It will always feel uncomfortable, but once you conquer the first step, it usually becomes much easier as time goes on.

5) Nothing is easy, but the law of compounding effect always comes true.

The law of compounding effect encompasses the effect of doing something over a long period of time, noting that end results are the sum total of all small parts.
In doing something over time, it adds up. When you start learning programming for instance, if you dedicate 3yrs to learn programming, then over the period you would have gained 3yrs experience in programming. To know more, you have to continue to acquire programming related skills as well as apply it.

Same thing applies to every area of life. Things compound over time. A good driver didn’t become one the first day he started driving, it took some learning and time.
Knowledge acquisition requires the repetitive process of learn, apply, fail/succeed, retry – repeat!
Learn, unlearn, relearn, modify, unlearn, relearn…by all means, never stop learning! In learning, we acquire new knowledge, and with new knowledge, comes new learning. It’s an unending cycle of life!

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