Top 5 Things Girls Want From Boys.

From teenagers to adolescents, and all-male folks, the question about what girls want from boys has always arisen. This question has left lots of boys confused about how to treat a girl. Worst still, this unanswered question has led to the ending of many promising relationships. Truly, are girls that complicated? We will have a filled day trying to answer this one. Girls, on the other hand, feel most boys aren’t ready to give them what they want. They argue that they aren’t too demanding or unrealistic with their expectations from boys.

This unbalanced tussle has gone on for such a long time. However, this article is aimed at creating a balance between these genders in terms of expectation. Boys need to understand in clear terms what girls want from them. The truth is, girls don’t expect much from boys. More so, they don’t need you to be a perfect boy –with all their wants. They just expect that you rate high at some of these expectations – it is enough to keep them amazingly happy.

Top 5 Things Girls Want From Boys

1) Confidence

Top of the list on the things girls want from boys is the C-word, Confidence. Every girl wants to hang around a confident boy. A self-confident guy is one who believes in himself and shows high self-esteem. This quality is considered to be very attractive to girls. The reason may likely be because most girls are seeking confidence themselves. So, hanging around a confident guy, makes them feel secured. Confidence also makes a girl see a guy as someone that can be counted on.

2) Good Sense of Humor

To know a girl’s sweet spot, constantly make her laugh. Laughing increases happiness in every girl, hence, they want a guy who will always make them happy. Having a good sense of humour can increase a lady’s attraction to a guy, and make him easier to approach. It is also observed that laughter increases positive feelings in ladies. This means that girls will always remember guys who make them laugh, and will want to be with them.

3) Caring

Most girls are naturally dependent on someone. Ironically, even the best of us need someone at some point to care for us. It’s tough when you have to be the one always taking care of yourself. So, part of what girls want from boys is absolute care. She wants to have someone who is always there for her. Someone ready to go the extra mile to make sure she is ok. It is every girl dream to have someone who shares every bit of her burden with her. Constantly checking up on a girl to know how her day was, and how things are with her, is a big deal for them. It gives girls the feeling that they are interested in what goes on in their life. When a girl sees a guy that genuinely care for her and make life a bit easier for her, she will find it difficult to let go.

4) Security

This may come as a surprise for you, but the truth is that girls want an amount of security from the boy they are dating. Girls want security in both financial and literal terms. Most girls won’t require you to own a bank before being attracted to you. What they want is to know that you are financially capable to handle their basic needs. Don’t get it twisted; the right girl will sincerely love you for who you are, and not for the money. However, she wants to get that assurance of security from you. Literally, too, boys are like a shield to their girls. So, a girl wants a boy who is ready and capable of protecting her from certain forms of physical danger when it arises. Keeping a girl safe and comfortable is very important to girls, and she will want to know that you are capable of doing just that at any given time.

5) Easy To Talk To

Ever seen a girl who doesn’t love to talk? Right! You will rarely do. That is simply because girls naturally love to talk, chat and engage with people, especially friends. So, among other things, every girl wants a boy who she is free to communicate with, and have a series of long conversations. They want to talk about everything, and also about nothing. Whatever is important to them is what they want to talk about, no matter how trivial it sounds to you. Allowing them to talk when they want to, and about what they feel like, is giving them the freedom to be who they are – girls. Believe me, they don’t joke with that freedom.

Bottom line is, girls, want boys who are easy to talk to, and always willing to listen to them while they talk.

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