Thorough Cleaning Guides for the Working Class.

One of the important things you need to always keep track of is the cleanliness of your home. There are so many people that lose track of the last time they cleaned a particular part of their house. This is probably no fault of theirs but due to their busy schedule. I used to have the same problem; i was so busy that I forgot to wash my napkins or doormat. Some things should not be left and cleaned only when they are dirty. I came up with a method of making sure that my home is always clean and in order. What I did was to divide my cleaning into five categories:
• Weekly.
• Monthly.
• Quarterly.
• Yearly.


• Sweep all rooms.

• Dust all surfaces.

• Clean the toilet: concentrate on the water closets bathtubs, the drains, the lower parts of the wall, etc. These are parts that will become slippery if left for days. You want to avoid that at all costs.

• Dust the chairs: dusting your chairs daily will save you a lot of work at the end of the week.

• Clean the tiles or floor surfaces in all rooms with soap and water, especially if you have toddlers in the house. You don’t want them picking food off a dirty floor.

• Wash all rags.
Freshen the house: air out all rooms and use air fresheners. You can opt for natural ones such as lemon peels.

  1. WEEKLY:

• Wash the bedsheets, pillowcases, towels, and other essentials.

• Clean the door and windows. Concentrate on the kitchen widows because of grease and other cooking residues. To clean the window sills, cut foam in a way that it can fit into the sills. You can do this by drawing the lines on the sills in the foam before cutting. This hack will make it easy to clean window sills.

• Clean bathroom walls thoroughly: when doing the daily cleaning of the bathroom, add the walls to it.

• Clean out the content of the refrigerator: check your refrigerator for spills and clean it thoroughly.
Note: you might have to do that sooner depending on whether the content of your refrigerator is frozen or not.

• Get rid of cobwebs: you can decide to do this daily but if you don’t notice them early, you can do it at the end of every week.

• Clean the chandeliers, bulb holders, lamps, fan blades, etc.

• Cut the grasses around the house: During the raining season, glasses tend to grow fast. So it’s advisable, if you live in an area with grasses, that you trim them weekly.

• Rearrange your wardrobes and hang clothes for the week.


• Wash all doormats and curtains.

• Clean your shoe rack: restack the shoes and rearrange everything. This will make your house look cleaner and also remind you of the shoes that you haven’t worn for a while.

• Clean the plate rack and all plates regardless of whether they are dirty or not.

• Thoroughly wash and disinfect all surfaces such as your kitchen sink. To clean out the rust on stainless sinks, you can use carbonated drinks such as Come or Sprite.
• Clean the kitchen cabinets: kitchen cabinets should be cleaned weekly but you can do a thorough cleaning every month.

• Wash and scrub all cooking pots and rearrange your pantry.

• Wash all containers for storing cereals and seasoning: these are things you might end up ignoring for months.

• Clean out other drawers and rearrange the contents.

• Wash all handbags, briefcases, backpacks, and suitcases.


• Lift out all furnitures and thoroughly wash the floors.

• Get rid of clothes that have not been worn for a while.

• Throw out the old meals in the refrigerator: I do this weekly but some people prefer to leave it for longer periods.

• Fumigate.

• Repair all cracks and holes in the house.

• Change all toothbrushes and old sponges.


• Repaint.
• Redecorate.
• Change the layout of the house.

Please note the following:

• Electrical Gadgets should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer.
• All cooking utensils, surfaces, and sinks should be washed after every use.
This might not work for all family sizes. Families with children will require more effort.

If you have things not mentioned in the post, make sure you never get too busy to clean them.
There are special occasions that call for serious cleanups.
You can organise your schedule as it suits you and your needs.
Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments in the comment section.


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