Top 8 Success Secrets From Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is one of the most popular and famous persons alive. The Philanthropist used to be the richest man on the planet, a title he held for more than 20 years. Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His life has been a massive inspiration leaving indelible mark on the sands of history. With a net worth in the range of $108.1 billion, he has pretty much earned the right to give advice and nuggets to how individuals can climb to the pinnacle of success ladder.

Before we continue to the things that actually brought Bill Gates his success shoes, let’s take a cursory look at his history.

Growing Up.

Bill Gates was born to William Henry Gates and Mary Maxwell Gate. Henry Gates had a flourishing career as an attorney. Mary Maxwell Gates would go on to become a member of the board of directors of First Interstate Bank on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. She previously taught in a school. Bill Gates displayed exceptional abilities at a very young age, having a particular flair for Mathematics and easily excelled in any intelligence examination in the subject with a perfect score of 800 points. He was such an avid reader that his parents had to put up a rule which forbade him from bringing books to the dinner table.

At an age when his contemporaries were still given to mischievousness and folly, Bill Gates, developed passion for programming. This was in his early teen years (13yrs) and as fate would have it, he attended a school that had computers, the only one for miles around. Every available time was spent hunched over the computer fixed intently at the screen and working away at it. Soon he became so good that his school would assign project to him. He was once assigned the task of building a program to manage the sitting arrangement at the same school.
Gates would go on to form an acquitance relationship with Allen. This helped him greatly as Gates would go on to sell two software in which he made a sum of $20,000 and $30,000 each at the age of 15yrs. This began the trail to what would become a multi billion dollar company.
These days, Gates spends the bulk of time overseeing his foundation which he runs with his wife Melinda Gates on charity works, community projects and philanthropic activities.This foundation has given a great deal to the society, easily becoming the biggest private charitable foundation in the world. A shocking fact is that he has pledged all of his vast wealth to charity, alloting just a tiny fraction to his children.

Here are some of the secrets Bill Gates gives to the younger generation seeking to emulate his success story.


In this age of social media, a lot of youths easily develop inferiority complex because of the flashy lifestyle celebrities and supposed rich people display on this platforms. They constantly compare their life with that of others. To them, everyone is making it and living the dream except them. The result is a life of striving to live like these people, forgetting their own life in the process. They discover only too late that it was all an illusion.

Stop comparing yourself to anybody so as not to end up being a disappointment and become miserable. Live your own life and embrace your uniqueness.
Yes, learn what you can from others but don’t ever for once believe everyone else is better than you.


Our youthful age is the best part of our lives. It affords us many opportunities, you can afford to make mistakes and start all over again at youth. Yes, life may not be as simple as we want it to be, but we can choose to either believe it is hard and wallow in the depression this brings; or believe it is easy and full of opportunities. In this way, we watch as it becomes easier to take risk.
The easiest period of our life which we can easily get away with mistakes is our youth stage. So don’t be afraid, take risks and big one’s too. If you fail, you can start again. If you succeed, you’d be better for it.


What do you observe about the best sports men and women in the world notwithstanding their talents? They all have coaches.
Now don’t say, “i am not into sport”, yeah, you may not be, but the principle still applies. In life, we become the person we admire and relate to in life. If you have someone who has already gone through the process and knows the ropes guiding you, you have better chances of rising to the top of the ladder, and faster too. If you can’t physciaclly be in touch with your coach, at least have a phone or regular text communication with them.


The secret to success in life and business is to find a problem and provide a solution for it. Listen to Bill Gates –

“to motivate people into action you have to show them what the problem is and what can be done to create a solution to it, let people know the reason why what has to be done needs to be done”.

If you are going to lead, you need to lead with great knowledge and example that will help sustain your followers. To do this, you must show you are a proven problem solver. Problem solvers are leaders of the world.
Success is a horrible instructor, it can coerce you into believing you can’t lose.
Humility is the key to win at sustainable levels for a long period of time. Lots of people have been successful for brief moments, but due to the fact they reached a position where they felt that they understand it all and that they were authorities, they fell and never rose again. Successful people who has done it for quite a long time continue to learn because they know if they stop learning, it will be easy to lose it all.


Despite being at the top, Bill Gates hasn’t stopped doing what took him to that spot. It is no secret that Bill Gates is an insatiable and ravenous reader. He has several selections of book that he endorses for people especially during the time of this pandemic which will help them stay focused and on track. It is absolutely important to read everyday, ‘readers are leaders’. This is true in every sense of it because it is the knowledge you gain from reading that you will apply in directing your affair and that of others. In this current day and age though, social Media has taken the place of reading.
Charlie Jones said-

“You will be the same person in five years except for the people you meet and the good books you read.”

Hence, when we read, we are increasing our chances of sucess in life.


The myriad of goals we craved in the initial phase of our life can solely be accomplished through consistent persistence. Stuffs we wish to build, achieve, review and understand can seem gigantic and even downright overwhelming but when we keep at it little by little, it starts to manifest. However, if you give up mid-way, you are already doomed for failure. Several people each year propose to start a business but only a very tiny fraction of that number takes the action. Out of these tiny fraction, a large portion back out because of the rigours of it all. Only the select few who remain persistent and keep at it make it big.


The mastery of the skill to collaborate with people and form solid partnerships is very important to acquiring wealth and being successful. Bill Gates talks about how Microsoft made their first real break when a partnership between them and I.P.M was agreed.
When you leverage on others, especially talented individuals, the task at hand becomes easier and more manageable.

There you have it. These are some of the secrets to sucess according to Bill Gates. In summary, if you desire a successful and wealthy living, then don’t compare yourself with others, be steadfast in your work, never stop learning and be persistent.

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