Before you succumb to that anger.

Before getting angry or sad or unhappy, vexed, mad, retaliatory, worried, concerned, worked up, hateful, etc over a word, phrase, sentence, statement, topic or speech made by someone, strive to inquire from yourself the actual reason why you are displaying such emotion.

I mean, a word is just a word right?

Every other thing that happens after you hear a word is 100% your reaction…and you know what? it is entirely under your control!

Most people will like to think that when a foul word is uttered and they retaliate with violence or any other means, that the other person caused it. But, we all know that’s not true. What happens after you hear a word or after someone does something to you through their actions or inactions is entirely under your control. This is basic knowledge, and the application of it is going to change your life.

I have been in situations where I have been insulted, made caricature of, laughed at and ridiculed. I remember when I moved from the countryside where i was staying with my grandma to a town called Aba. Living your whole life in the village and then all of a sudden, the parents decided that the countryside is no longer good for you, and you are suddenly uprooted from your base and thrust to city life. Needless to say, it didn’t quite go well for me. But, I adapted like i always do and surpassed my own expectations.

Being the village boy in a city is sure to make you a magnet of ridicule, albeit jokes, among your peers. School didn’t help either, until i decided that my fate is in my own hands. I grew up too fast because i had to learn a lot of things personally to keep myself from being made fun of in anyway, both educationally. Yeah, trust me, i used to think i was good in school back in my village till i came to Aba, Abia State. The school that used to be an escape before turned to my nightmare. Yes, and i had the worst of the worst results to prove it.

But, that didn’t stop me from pushing on, because I always believed that if I put my mind to it, then I can achieve it. I put everything behind me and worked hard to attain a position that i believed i could. I was a child then, just 10yrs old. But, somehow i knew that getting angry over what people said or didn’t say about my classroom abilities will not benefit me in any way. I knew that if i upgraded myself from dumb to at least making attempts, then the mockery will turn silly. Remember, i was a child, and i knew this. So, how about you, an adult?

Like i told myself and as i keep telling myself, anger is a disease and you should try and rid it from your life anyway you can. Believing that you have no control over your anger issue’s is one of the biggest condescending lies you can tell yourself.

Good morning Uptownerd’s.

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