Dr Oluyinka Olutoye successfully performed surgery on unborn baby, removing a killer tumour.

Dr Olutoye, a Nigerian of Yoruba descent performed a scientific wonder when he successfully completed an unlikely surgery.

The baby in the picture developed a tumour while still in her mother’s womb, and nothing else but a surgery could have made her survive save the tumour was removed safely. The delicate nature of the tumour made it impossible for any other treatment, noting the fact that the baby was still forming in her mother’s womb, unborn and not at the maturity stage for birth yet.
This led Doctor Olutoye to surgically remove the baby from her mother’s womb as a foetus,
operated on her and removed the killer rumour. Afterwards, he restored the foetus safely back into her mother’s womb.

The baby became very safe and healthy after the surgery until her mum naturally delivered her in the 36th week of the trimester. What a scientific miracle!

This may look like one of those impossible feats, but it is real and the baby is the one you see on the picture.

Doctor Olutoye’s mad genius has endeared her to the world and social media enthusiasts, garnering huge support all over the world for the incredible feat he pulled off. Kudo’s to doctor’s all over the world. Keep saving us!

Dr Olutoye got his medical degree from Obafemi Awolowo University before moving to the United States where he earned his PhD.


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