These Moral Dilemmas Will Make You Think Hard.

By Ojedapo Revival.

Moral or ethical dilemma is a situation where you’re faced with two alternatives, and any decision taken will affect one or more moral principles. Simply put, it can be likened to a situation where one has to choose between good or evil, to do or not to do, etc.

There are several moments in life where we face such dilemmas. Here, I made a collection of 3 ethical dilemmas that would put you at the edge of your seat. While it is very unlikely that you will find yourself in any of the following scenarios, they help inform how far one could go to maintain moral norms in dire situations. LETS PLAY!


An out of control trolley is heading down the railway tracks. On the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them, and will surely kill them. You are standing over a footbridge under which the trolley will pass, and there’s a very big man beside you. If you push the man down unto the tracks, his heavy weight will slow down the trolley before it gets to the five people (the trolley problem). You have two options:

a: Do nothing and allow the trolley to kill the five people on the main track.
b: Push the fat man unto the tracks, killing him, to save five lives.


A terrorist (who’s also a loving father) has planted bombs somewhere in a city, scheduled to explode in a couple of hours. No one knows the location of the bombs, nor the number of deaths there could be, but the terrorist is to be believed when he swears that at least 50 people were going to die. You head the investigation, and after interrogating the terrorist, he wouldn’t reveal the location of the bombs. Even after he’s tortured, he still wouldn’t talk.
However, it comes to your notice that he has a little daughter whom he loves so much.

Would you consider torturing the little girl in front of the father in order to extract the location of the bomb from him? (An edited version of The Torture of the Mad Bomber).


You have witnessed a man rob a bank, but then, he did something completely unusual and unexpected with the money. He donated it to an orphanage that was poor, run-down and lacking in proper food, care, water and amenities. The sum of money would be a great benefit to the orphanage, and the children’s lives would turn from poor to prosperous. Would you:

a: Call the police and report the robber, even though they would likely take the money away from the orphanage, or;
b: Do nothing and leave the robber and the orphans alone? (Culled from Listverse)

There you have it. Anyone?

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