5 Flirty Yet Mature Games Couples Can Play Over The Phone.

Except both you both are live-in-couples or already married, chances are that you’d miss each other even when you both see each other every day. It is worse when you are in a long-distance relationship. 

Texting or calling your boyfriend or girlfriend becomes the only recourse. But if not careful, it is very easy for both to drift apart if something is not done to keep the relationship fun and interesting.

You may want to check out what you both can be doing to keep the flame burning. This post will show you 5 interesting, kinky yet mature games Both of you can play over the phone.

The great thing about these games is that they are real easy to play, like super easy. Also, they are best played at night(naughty emoji. Ready for them? Jump right in.

  1. Truth or Dare: You did expect this. Didn’t you? This classic game is very easy to play. All you need is your phone and your partner to be online. 

In this game, you give your partner the choice of picking a truth or dare. If they choose truth, you ask them a question and they have to tell you the truth. 

If they choose to dare, you dare them to do something hard. It could be as simple as tell them to pick cereal off the floor with their mouth (not so simple) to tell them to take off their bra and toss it out the window. You can take it a step further by asking them to take a naked selfie and sending it over. Things could heat up really fast if you play it well.

  1. Guess the lyric/line: You both have to be music or movie enthusiasts to dabble into this game. 

One of you begins by reciting a famous expression or phrase in a film or song while the other tries to guess the name of the song or movie. You can also start singing a song and stop halfway through for the other person to finish it.

  1. 20 Questions: This is especially my favourite. In this case, one of you picks a topic and the other person asks 20 questions related to the chosen topic. 

You can take its notch higher if you want it to be more fun. But a little point to note here is that the game is quite time-consuming. It is best played when you both don’t have something to do for the rest of the day.

  1. Q & A: This is another very simple yet fun game to play with your partner over the phone. This involves only raising a question and pausing for a reply from your spouse. Your questions may be tailored around understanding your partner more. You can bring in more fun by asking serious questions, but be cautious not to brush any region your spouse does not want to talk about.
  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill: This game is a typically fun. Taunt your partner by asking which celebrity they would kiss, marry or kill. 

For instance, Jay z, Angelina Jolie and Chistiano Ronaldo? You can also throw in the name of that friend you guess your partner might be adoring privately to know what she might do to him/her. But don’t forget it is just a game and not an avenue to start practicing detective work. And if anything the answers are not to be taken personally.

What do you think about this game? Please kindly add yours and let’s help others makes their relationship fun.

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