BBNAIJA 2020: Female Housemates Loose Points for Love.

On Thursday, Big Brother grouped the housemates by gender for the Thursday task. Everything initially went smoothly for the females, especially Nengi who got her first question correctly.
The females were elated and the atmosphere was charged. Nengi however nearly cost the female housemates the title because of love.

When it was Ozo’s turn, she gave him a subtle hint which unfortunately, was intercepted by Big Brother’s all knowing eyes. Her point was deducted for doing this. After the activity, while they were sitted in groups talking, Nengi was all over Ozo: touching him and laughing at his jokes. They’d make a fine pair. First love pair of the reality show this season?

While some viewers want this ‘ship to sail’, other viewers are strongly against it. Ozo himself has mentioned that though he likes Nengi’s physical attributes, he is closer to Dorathy than any other girl in the house.

We interprete this to mean that even if he’s going to have a relationship in the house, it is going to be with Dorathy. Ozo made this comment when Prince asked him (Ozo) why he has not made a move on Nengi. Prince himself is always seen hanging around Nengi, who knows? That might be a ship that would sail itself.

Viewers are also curious about the Eric and Liloship. Prince (why is he confronting everyone?) confronted Lilo jokingly last night. He told her that they have not had time to talk at all since she’s been all over Eric. It was subtle but it must have touched a nerve. Later, she (Lilo) was shown speaking with Neo. To throw the heat off?

All in all, the housemates are adapting gradually. As the days go by, we hope to see a lot of couples and love…or future courtships?
We also hope to see more drama, emotions and certainly more entertainment.

Ozo and Nengi.

Comment with the name of your favourite housemates and who you’d like to pair them with.

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