The Fight For The Girl Child; A Worthy Cause.

By Kalu Chidi Eke

Often described as the world of men, the world today has become hostile and barely accommodating for the girl child. It has gradually yet consistently trodden on the hopes and survival of the girl child. They have been named the weaker vessels and less valuable than men. This has resulted in most girl child being hugely disadvantaged from the onset.

It’s alright to say that they deserve no advantage in life because of their gender. However, it’s important to say that they at least deserve a level playing ground with their male counterpart.

The intimidation and disdain of the girl child certainly did not start today. It has been a matter from the ages past; one which has been passed on from one generation to another through trends and observations.

The restriction and background position given to them has become so trendy that anything on the contrary (like valuing a girl above a male) almost appears to be totally out of place. Society has now grown to become so subconsciously aware of the place she belongs to; a place where her potential is never unleashed, her values never seen and appreciated, and her worth is lost and forgotten.

Although this has been comfortable and profitable for some, the trend needs to be cut short.
In the past few years, voices have risen from all corners of the world in a bid to liberate the girl child from the entanglement of modern slavery she finds herself in. These voices have consistently grown strong as the years passed, assuring hope to the girl child on every given occasion. These voices are championed not just by the female gender but all who believe that the girl child deserves better.


Results have so far been achieved in this regard.
Educating a girl child isn’t a big deal now than it used to be before. Being treated equally on gender basis with males has also improved.
The child girl can comfortably be handed certain responsibilities that were the exclusive reservation for the male folks initially.
The fight may not have been won yet, but surely significant progress has been made. In the midst of these overwhelming results, however, some areas are still a work-in-progress.

A sincere reflection from the African point of view shows the fight for the liberation of the girl child is far from over. There are still issues to resolve, barriers to break, obstacles to overcome and hurdles to clear. Before we get to the ultimate goal where every girl child is given adequate respect and not looked down simply because of gender. Till that is achieved, there is no giving up in the fight.

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