Why It is Important For A Woman To Be Financially Independent Before Marriage.

1) It’s empowering.

Being financially independent as a woman helps you take control of your own life and handle things yourself without bothering your husband or any family member. It helps you be in charge of your affairs.

2) Self-fufilling.

For a start, we all want to feel good about ourselves and our capacity as individuals. Being financially independent will give you a self-fulling feeling, a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Why? Because it is not easy, but you did it. So, what’s not to like?

3) It brings independence.

As the name suggests, you become independent and financially free. You don’t burden anyone with your financial needs and no-one subjects you to all forms of ridicule because they’re doing you a favour.

4) Multiple streams of income for the household.

5) You are less of a liability.

In simple terms, you get to equally participate in paying household bills rather than the serial complainant who continuosly whine about inadequate money but brings nothing to the table.

Relying on your husband completely will open the gates for misbehaviour — expressive whitewashing, abuse, cheating, discord, inflated and over-inflated ego, etc. As a woman, it’s good to have an independent source of income. Trust me, men love it!

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