Everyone at one point or the other in their lives have had that feeling of procrastination, the feeling of shifting to a further time what you should be working on at the moment. Before you know it, you keep deferring the said act, and it grows. Then all of a sudden, you realise that you find it hard to pull yourself away from momentary distractions to focus on a task.

These feelings of procrastination occur naturally. However, allowing or giving it the free reign to overpower you is something you totally have control over, and which you shouldn’t give over.

Here are some of the more proven simple tips that will help you beat procrastination any time.

1) Identify Your Passionate Goal and Tie It To The Task

The outcome of a particular project influences how serious we take the project most of the time. When a positive emotional charge is expected from the outcome of a task, there are strong tendencies to get to work without haste.
One key way to ensure you beat procrastination is to tie the pleasure of the result to the task.

You will derive great motivation when you realize that the promotion or commendation you desire is tied to your present task.

2) The Best Place to Start Is From The Easiest Part.

Most people have hard time continuing a project that they previously started. If the beginning poses a threat, there are tendencies to either abandon the task completely or reschedule for some other time.
Having said that, one can overcome this by carrying out the task in no particular sequence. But, how about starting with the easiest part of the project?
Always identify that part which is the easiest and begin from there. Once you begin, you will find enough momentum to keep you going and carry you till the end.

3) The division into Smaller Chunks Will Help

Most duties or tasks seem complicated and unachievable when looking at them at first.
This can get anyone discouraged and cause them to postpone the task.
One beautiful thing, however, is that all projects can be broken down into smaller bits. Breaking tasks into small chunks helps you know how achievable the task at hand is as well as the miniature time frame you will spend doing it.
Once you begin with the first chunk of the task, commitment grows and you can stay focused till the last chunk of the work is completed.

4) Handle Potential Distractions before You Begin

Distractions are bound to come in-between the task, work or project, especially for those struggling with impulsiveness.
To overcome this, first, consider the likely sources of distractions you will face while undertaking the project. When these distractions are identified, do well to deal with them before you ever begin. Disconnect from everyone or everything that are potential distractions so as to maintain your focus once you begin.

5) Operate In Your Most Suitable Work Environment.

A lot of people will be quick to overlook the environment they work in. Fact is, your working environment has an influence on your productivity level. Just as people are unique, the best working environment varies for different people.
Endeavour to discover the environment where you are producing the most output and operate in such environment.

Failure to identify your most suitable working environment will increase distractions while you are performing any task. Stay away from mobile devices and every form of on-screen notifications from friends, families and even work place. Well, except the task at hand is for work place.

6) Rewarding Yourself Helps Build Motivation

Rewards are great motivations to work. While you plan on certain tasks to perform and projects to carry out, you can set up a rewarding system for yourself. This system will ensure that at certain stages in the task, there is something for you to enjoy. As you remember the delicious pleasure in form of personal reward that awaits you at a particular stage, it helps to push you on.
It’s preferable that you make the reward something you don’t always give yourself. Learn to savour the reward when you earn it.

7) Avoid Perfectionism.

Trying to always achieve perfection is awesome, but it can become a big challenge to starting a project at times. A popular quote by Winston Churchill says “Perfection(ism) is the enemy of progress.”
For the individual that desires perfection at all times, the fear of making mistakes can keep them away from beginning the task in the first place. Overcome this by recalling previous failures and how you managed to overcome them for the better.

Procrastination is a great killer of motivation, and must be rooted out at first sightings. You remember that inner lazy voice that will always be quick to remind you that you can do the task later? Yeah, that’s the one. Any moment you hear that lazy old man, just rise immediately and tell it to go f*ck himself or burn in hell…or somewhere it won’t trouble you again ever!

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