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Synopsis: Hannah’s family conspired, abused and destroyed my sweet beautiful angel. Then they locked her away as a cover up!



Hannah is a very beautiful girl. I remember when i first met her in my secondary school back in Municipal High. Damn, she was extremely pretty, intelligent and got very popular later because of all this features. We were very good with each other, and things moved very fine between us. The fact that we also came from the same village helped our closeness. I wouldn’t say i came from a very poor family, but i knew for sure that Hannah’s family were at least very much above average. They were richer than us by a long mile.

As is mostly the case with some Nigerian parents, they began to monitor her movements and introduced many rules she kept complaining to me as ridiculous, strict and only made to annoy her. I would calm her down that only parents that love their child will create such rules and regulations. Another mistake i always didn’t want to fall into. I cannot be seen as supporting her parents’ ill-human practices on their beautiful jewel, my sweet Hannah.
She was 14yrs old when we first met; i was 16yrs old.

We met after i got transferred to Municipal High, a secondary school just forty minutes from each of our respective clans in Uzuru Community. After the registration, i left the secretary’s office who directed me to the bursar to complete my registration. She was coming out from there when we first met; she was in her school uniform of check-blue with blue well matched skirt. We smiled at each other, and i waved at her. She didn’t wave back but simply continued her smile as she left. I couldn’t help but turn to take another glance at her. Our eyes caught again, and she immediately turned and increased her pace.
“I hope this is not why you transferred to this school in the middle of the term John!” the bursar called him out as he walked in. She has been observing him. It was thanks to Mrs Kennedy that the school accepted me in the middle of the school term, something they rarely do. Mrs Kennedy is a free woman i think, at least she hasn’t given me reason to believe otherwise. She is also from my clan, and my family have direct relationship with her family.
I got attacked in my last school, i defended myself and someone paid dearly for it. There goes my reverend fatherhood dream up in flames at Maria Assumpta Junior Seminary, Ozaji and the reason why i found myself in Hannah’s school.

I told Mrs Kennedy that i will never do anything to jeopardize my stay in Municipal High. Whether or not she believed me, I didn’t know, but she didn’t doubt me. She has always known me from when i was conceived and possibly was there that day to rub powder all over her body and face in celebration of my birth.
“Is this your first time of seeing her?” She asked me after we finished with my business of the day in her office. I didn’t understand why she will be interested to know if this was my first time of seeing Hannah. However, i replied her in the affirmative.
“Who doesn’t know Hannah in Uzuru!” she said resignedly in a dismissive gesture of unbelief that she doesn’t believe me.
“This is my first time of seeing her aunty!” I said in my defense.
“Is it because you were going to a seminary school?” She probed further.
“I don’t really know aunty, but i know this is my first time of seeing her. I didn’t even know she is from our place, I would have introduced myself appropriately to her.” i replied.
“Then why did she smile at you?”
“Eeh?” I asked as if i didn’t hear her quite well. I didn’t want to start believing that this woman is going to make here a living nightmare for me right now.
“Never mind. When are you starting school?” She queried me.
“Next week!” I replied her.
“It’s reasonable. Today is Thursday, the week is already gone.”
“Yes ma!” I replied.
“I better be going ma, i have some other errands to run for my mother before i go back home.” I told her before i took my leave.
It occurred to me the reason Hannah was smiling when she saw me. She knew me from our community, and she probably knew that i was expelled from a seminary school. Now, i am in her school, and who knows what else…Maybe i am getting it all wrong i thought again. She has her reasons for smiling, and maybe one day, she will get to tell me, or not.

One month later, we both became inseparable to the extent that she became our fourth family member. I was the first child and only son for a while until my eight birthday before my little sister Amara came into the picture and took all our love away and kept for herself alone. We all loved her to the heavens, especially dad. My father died in active service in the Nigerian military and we received his army medal of valour.

She never really understood the concept of death when our father passed on, and continued to disturb our mother for the whereabouts of dad for one full year. As daddy wasn’t forthcoming, Amie simply had to adapt to the new reality that dad is nowhere to be found anymore. I became her new dad, her big brother and her brother; i did my best to help her think less about dad.

I had to. She woke up one night and came to my room crying that dad told her he will not come to her again after visiting her for a while. That night, she told me episodes upon episodes of all the moments dad visited her and would play with her in her dreams. She told me dad is very sad that he is going away, but, promises that we will see each other sometime later but not now. I consoled her that night as she cried terribly in my arms while i tried very hard myself to control my own tears. I missed our dad too, and watching her tell me stories of him and all the things she continued to say about dad brought a lot of memories. As we canvassed, it turned out mom snuck out of her own room when Amie opened her door. She sat near the door to my room, listening to us and shedding her own tears. I was thirteen years old when my dad died, mom was probably in her early 40’s while Amie was five years old.

Hannah and Amie clicked instantly like super-glue from the first day she visited me in our house. Everyone was around that day, and i mean my mother and sister. Hannah’s parents were very much alive and well; Hannah was the last of four girls. The parents didn’t have a son, and this influenced why the father especially was very careful with how his daughters interacted with the opposite sex. What started out as a simple father guarding her children from the prying eyes of men led to unbelievable dark malicious consequences.

Hannah finally got fed up with her father’s attitude and the little freedom he was giving her and told me she was going to confront her father. It didn’t seem odd to me at the time, but i wished i knew better.
I was about taking my Senior Certificate exams when she told me this. I was eighteen years old now, and my sweet Hannah was now ravishing at sixteen, turning heads everywhere we went.


We did everything a boy and a girl could do together except have sex. I wasn’t a virgin when we met, but she was. We met the evening of the day i was going to take my last paper. She told me her mom wanted to talk to me. I didn’t know why, but i figured it must have been about the discussion i had with Hannah the previous day about our relationship and where we are going forward with it. When i reached their house, the father was not around. Hannah’s mother welcomed me warmly into their home, and offered me edibles as Kola.
As i immersed myself in the Kola i was offered, i kept imagining why Hannah’s mother will want to see me. Honestly, nothing reasonable entered my mind. She asked me about the exams and my people to which i informed her appropriately and while still trying to see if i could decode anything from Hannah. She didn’t help either.

After a while, her mum told me why she invited me to their house, and that it was about her daughter Hannah. At this, my mind relaxed a bit. Since i know that i cannot hurt Hannah in any way, it was a relief to know the discuss was about my relationship with her.

“Has Hannah ever told you anything about her father?” She inquired from me. I would have replied with “what!” but i cautioned myself to be on point.
“Only that she is strict with her, unnecessarily strict with her!” I replied, saying it in such a manner that Hannah herself gave approval that i at least told it exactly as she told me.
“Has Hannah discussed anything about running away with you to some far distant place away from her father?” The woman queried further.
I was lost, and i quite didn’t understand the purpose of her questions. Hannah has never told me anything about escaping or running away in any form or manner whatsoever since we became friends.
“No ma! Hannah has never told me such a thing.” I said, but the look on my sweet Hannah’s face didn’t show approval. Did she want me to lie to her mother? I didn’t understand, in fact, i was fast beginning to think they were playing game with me.
“But i know she has told me that she will use any opportunity available to her and run away from her father.” I wish i have not made this statement.

At this point, the woman started preaching to me to not do it even if Hannah tells me to. Hannah didn’t agree with what her mother said from her demeanor and told me to disregard her mom from our coded relay messages.
After airing all her advice and concern, she reminded me that her daughter loves me a lot, and that i should take care of her. It occured to me that Hannah’s mom was speaking in parables and fables.

As we left their house that day, we went to our favourite spot in a hill area around the pineapple orchard owned by the community. She wanted us to have sex that day, and I would have succumbed to the urge, but we got over it through other sensual romantic intimacy drills we shared, our tiny secret. We romanced, kissed and caressed so bad, i had to finger her. God! The way she clinged to me! She kept asking me why I didn’t want to do it with her, and i told her she is still not 18yrs yet.
She reminded me that i wasn’t 18yrs old when i first had my first sex. I didnt know what to reply; it was a blackmail, and she knew the full story. I always imagined how our first sex will be, i wanted it to be special and magnificent. There was nothing we didn’t know about sex, it was remaining only the act itself, the actual penetration moulded in the moaning pleasures of impressive strokes and fondling of the nipples…and then more!


           EPISODE THREE

Okay, i admit, I did fundle her nipples. I never miss caressing her sweet and succulent nipples anytime she wanted me to. I think she once told me that was her sweetest spot, and she always takes her time to describe the thrills she derives from the frenzy that the nipple sensual ecstasy sends down her whole body.

The next day, the news i got after writing my final paper was that Hannah ran away from her father’s home and noone knew where she was. Needless to say, i was a big culprit in the matter and went straight from my exam hall to the police station where i was drilled heavily on the whereabouts of Hannah! Remember that statement i told you i regretted making early on? That was the alleged confirmation of my connivance with Hannah! Her mother apparently recorded our conversation that day and used it as proof that i was in the know of where her daughter ran to.

As you would imagine, it didn’t go so well for me. They drilled me inside the police cell, inmates and officers alike.
But, at the end of the day, they had to let me go after one week and told me to report back immediately if she gets in touch with me in any way. I was a sorry mess when i came out of the police cell, looking rough, smelly, manhandled and unkempt. The slap i received from one of the inmates was still resounding in my ears five days after. He became unduly angry at me that i was locked up because of a girl. So, he took it upon himself to treat my alleged fuck up, and the star-signed studded slap that resulted immediately and unexpectedly was so heavy, i staggered back and slipped. I managed to hold myself by grasping a handrail which still cut me. That guy gave me hell in there! I’m glad i was free of that horrible experience.

As she did after our dad died, Amie will always ask me where aunty Hannah went to, and if aunty Hannah will ever come back to visit us again. I kept reassuring her that i will make sure i search for Hannah and bring her home. She usually gets cheered up when i made statements like that, then she will tell me to take her to a recreational ground she usually went to with Hannah when she was around.

Around this time, i was waiting for admission after applying to read Law at Imo State University, Owerri. Everything worked out and my name was among the merit list that was published in 2011. We were all happy and celebrated. But, i wasn’t happy. I wished Hannah was there. She would have come straight after they close for the holidays i canvassed in my mind. We would have been using our special gestures and coded relays to whisper about the unexplored adventures we will undertake as we jubilate. Mom and Amie wouldn’t have known. We will be smiling, and they will be smiling too, but our smile will carry deeper messages, happiness and joy. It will be between the two of us, all the obscenities and mundane things we use to talk about. She will smile, the heart-melting smile that aligns perfectly with her well layered facial curves that moulded a beautiful creature who always amazed me. I missed my love Hannah!
“I wished aunty Hannah was here with us. She told me she would kiss you any day you got admission to study law.” Amie said out loud, making my mom and i to laugh really hard. She laughed hard herself too, our sweet beautiful dancing queen.

I assured her that aunty Hannah will be back, that she just had a little problem and had to go away to settle it. After settling it, she will then come back.
I’m a bad liar, and i know it, and i can tell when it didn’t sell. Amie didnt buy the bullshit story i was telling her about Hannah, but she didn’t press it further anyway. Our father’s demise made me her father, brother, sibling and friend. She found it hard connecting with other people outside our immediate family right before our father passed on. It became worse afterwards. Hannah was the only outsider she opens up to, and now Hannah is gone too.

I got saddened all the time when I’m alone in my room and remember her. It alters my mood in bad ways. Leaving our precious community for the big city felt like I was going far away, away from my love. Amie didn’t help matter too. She said she cannot allow me to go, and said she will kill herself if i do it. She cited that that’s how dad and aunty Hannah left and till now she doesn’t know where they are. She said she doesn’t want me to leave so that nothing will happen to me. No plea from anybody will make her bulge. So I did the unimaginable thing and told her that we will both go together to my school since they are on holiday. This was around December and most secondary and primary schools have closed for the term. We entered a bargain, and mom didn’t disagree. She wanted to travel to her father’s home herself for some personal reasons. Everyone got what they wanted, it was all good!


           EPISODE FOUR

I didn’t stop looking for Hannah as i entered the university and started schooling. It affected my social circle and relationship life on campus; i simply didn’t see any need to because Hannah remained the only girl that i loved. It fucked me up, ate me up and continued to burden me that i wasn’t doing enough to find her. What could i do anyway.
It was in my final year when i came to a popular online forum in our state and wrote a story about my life and what was happening to me that Mrs Kennedy saw my thread and got in touch with me. She told me about a secret Hannah revealed to her which she was afraid to tell me or anyone after she was threatened by Hannah’s parents when she confronted them.

Hannah’s parents connived and locked my girl away to hide the fact that Hannah was raped by her father and she threatened to expose the incestuous vile sadistic child molester. Apparently, he has been raping her other children and they have been covering it up, with the mother fully in on it all. Hannah discovered what was happening after her mother drugged her for the father to easily have carnal knowledge of her. None of Hannah’s older sisters could deliver a boy for him, something he so desperately wished for but which has continually proved elusive.

“You knew this aunty and you kept quiet!” I said, almost shouting at her.
“I didn’t know Hannah was missing. Her parents came to the school and told the management they’re withdrawing their child from the school. They didn’t tell us anything was wrong.” Mrs Kennedy stated, totally dumbfounded.
“Hannah has been missing for 6yrs now! Six good years, and no one knows where she is, what she is passing through or what has become of her. This has eaten me up aunty. How can Hannah just up and vanish? I always knew it was unlike her, she will not do that.” I lamented with a watery voice, as if i was about to lose it and simply cry.
“We are going to get to the root of this matter.” Mrs Kennedy promised me before we ended the conversation on the phone.

True to her word, she came to my school the next day and we discussed thoroughly and swiftly about our plan of action to know what happened to Hannah. We planned to hire a private investigator as well as report the case to the police. Mrs Kennedy paid the fee the Private investigator charged for the work to my surprise.
After one month of intensive investigation into the family by the PI, she uncovered the actual truth of what they did to Hannah. What Mrs Kennedy didn’t know was that Hannah was impregnated by the father and they took her away to an isolated privately run hospital. During delivery, the child died and Hannah lost it. She was subsequently locked up in a mental facility in the North-Central part of the country, paid for by her parents Mr and Mrs Clinton Obiagu.

The private investigator was able to track down the hospital where she was currently being held and forwarded all her finding to us. We swiftly reported it to the two investigative officers assigned to our case. They mobilised policemen and got a warrant of arrest for the parents.
Meanwhile, after we reported to the police unit handling our case, i entered the next night bus to Niger State. We were informed that the police conducted a raid on the premises of the hospital. The hospital didn’t have license to operate in the first instance. They also rescued my Hannah.


           EPISODE FIVE

As i journeyed to the police station the next day where I have been directed from my state, i became afraid of what i may see. For the first time, it dawned on me that the Hannah i know, may not be the Hannah i will meet. The Hannah i will be meeting will be an abused girl who has suffered one of the worst form of abuse a girl can be subjected to. I admitted to myself that my love has experienced things she cannot tell me about, and things she would rather not talk about. I didn’t mind anyway, i loved her and i didn’t care if she was damaged, broken or not. I will always take her into me. She has been the love of my life, and she will always be even if things never return to how normal they used to be. I will continue to love her and show her how much i cherish her till i die.
When i reached the police station i was directed to, after the proper paper-works, they directed me to the government hospital that admitted her and where she is currently recieving adequate treatment at.

When the nurse led me to her room, and i saw my Hannah lying down calmly on the hospital bed and fast sleep, tears rolled down freely from my eyes. The nurse didn’t know why tears were rushing down from my eyes and inquired to know from me. I told her Hannah’s story, and she wept too by the time i finished telling the story and how i finally came to the hospital.

The nurse went and told the matron of the hospital about Hannah and she decided to throw a surprise party for her when she wakes up on my behalf. As she slept, the matron directed some nurses to redesign her ward with the loveliest decorations that lightens the mood of the heart and make a saddened soul smile for a second at the thoughtfulness of such a nice gesture.

As planned, she woke up towards the evening time of that day asking about where she is nervously until they unleashed the surprise package for her. This made her calm down a bit, relaxed and watched everything unfold as the matron went to her and gave her a wonderful hug, telling her she is safe now. She calmly narrated how the police rescued her and that’s why she is in the government owned hospital. There was no holding back the tears now, and she hugged the matron more closer. Then in the middle of the hug, the nurses parted ways to reveal me standing with a box full of different clothes and shoes i thought she might like. My eyes were filled with my own salty tears too. The moment she saw me, she tried to rush out of the hospital bed after quickly leaving the embrace of the matron. But i didn’t allow her suffer herself further. I rushed in quickly to her side on the bed and we entangled in an embrace that got tears rolling down from the eyes of everyone watching. From the hug, we started to kiss very passionately and lasciviously. We didn’t mind though that people were watching. She preferred to share all her abuse and maltreatment feelings from her parents through the uncoded messages in the way she kissed me. I didn’t mind, i was once again in the hands of my love after all, my sweet beautiful Hannah.

Hannah’s parents were arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for 30yrs while we got married the following year. Hannah tells me she will murder her parents anytime they are released from prison. She says it as a joke anyway, but one never can really know all that’s repressed in that sweet gentle abused free spirit.

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