Quitting Masturbation: Talking to the Right Person.

The dichotomy on the topic of masturbation is such that will leave you more confused when you search Google for the effects of masturbation. But, less confusing is the personal feeling of those who wish to quit, for one reason or the other. If you’ve ever thought of quitting, then you probably understand the challenge, and how insurmountable it may seem. Figuratively speaking, masturbation is used to express a vain effort, you can’t help but see the paradox.

Where our efforts fail us, it is expected that we seek help from others. Why? More effort, more result. However, this seemingly simple task is pretty much difficult for one who seeks to quit masturbation. Masturbation is an habit that thrives in secrecy, and must be exposed in order for it to cease. But, it is easier said than done. We usually tend to keep our intimate escapades to ourselves, for reasons that are perfectly natural. But when it comes to quitting masturbation, it a paramount step, for it is a journey that can get lonely and cold. Having a trusted person to confide in is key to success. But, not just anybody.

You can’t overemphasize the importance of talking to the right person about it. There are people out there who are calling you to talk about masturbation, but to what end? A simple search online, and you’d find your answer. Masturbation is encouraged—albeit carelessly—by a lot of people. Regardless, it must be noted that it is not the purpose of this article to debate the moral or health views regarding masturbation. The fact is that many writers refuse to factor the compulsive nature of masturbation, and the fact that, many people feel choked and they want out. Thus, it is not just enough to talk to someone (anybody).

Therapy can be helpful. Finding a professional who can also be devoted to your overall well-being would be a blessing. While you’d have no problem finding a therapist, the result could be a longtime coming, since you’d have to build a sustainable relationship with them during your sessions. Most of the time it is no fault of the therapist, but rather the consequence of the addiction. One of the negative effects of masturbation, associated to its compulsive disorder, is the damage it causes to meaningful relationships. So, it would be difficult maintaining a relationship, let alone building one from scratch. But, it is a mountain that must be climbed if one is to breakfree.

Perhaps you already belong to a trusted fellowship, it would help to talk to leaders within, whom you know would help you in all confidentiality. Support groups are also important, as you get to meet others who are also facing similar challenge, and making headway. The summary is the need to ignore the feeling of shame, and speak to a trusted person. You’d feel the burden lighten, seeing that there’s someone offering emotional and mental support.

Breaking the shackle of secrecy is important and would set you up for victory. But, that’s not all there is to it. Addiction to masturbation can be aided by other factors that may be unique to different persons. So, it is necessary that you discover the things that incite you, and work on them. These are experiences you want to share (as a person who finds the need to quit), and these are the experiences you need help with. You can find help in someone who has gone through same hurdle, or someone who, being more spiritually matured, would provide the mental fortitude to reach the finish line.

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