BBNaija: Biggie’s Big Mistake intentional or something else?

On Friday, the housemates had their first arena game. The game was structured to test their abilities to imitate medical personnels. They came into the arena with their white laboratory coats and they were called one after the other to dress as medical personnels, make their own first aid box, dispense drugs for combating COVID-19 and mix store samples for tests.

The game had four stages:

Stage One: housemates sanitize, put on medical gloves, masks and hairnets.

Stage Two: housemates fill up their own first aid box. There was a big box to choose medicals supplies from and they had a sample first aid box. After filling up the box, housemates then put their name tags on their first aid box.

Stage three: housemates had to pick ‘tablets’ of different colours from a big box fill with coloured candy. They then had to put the pills in small containers.

Stage four: housemates had to put collected samples in test tubes and carefully place them back.

All this had to be done in 2 minutes. No housemate completed the task. However Nengi, Lilo and KiddWaya got to the last stage. Nengi and Lilo were congratulated by Biggie for making it to the last stage. Most housemates ended up with torn gloves and hairnets. Eric took it a step further by spilling the samples all over the floor and on his lab coat. Biggie was very displeased. He was very brutal and Savage with his remarks.

He was probably so angry that he forgot to call Brighto for the game. Biggie left Brighto out and announced that everybody failed until other housemates asked Brighto to stand. Biggie tried to cover up his mistake by saying he had left the best for last. Biggie we need you to meet up with our expectations, please. The game was so poorly conducted. Biggie kept adding rules during the game.
Hopefully, Brighto will be forgotten again during eviction.

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