BBNaija: First Saturday Night Party (Photos)


The party started at 10. Before then, housemates were given new Oppo phones. They all dressed glamorously. Most of the ladies wore outfits their showed their assets.
From Dorathy’s lovely gown to Nengi’s transparent jumpsuit. Vee wore a sleeveless gown without underwear. She looked fabulous. All female housemates looked fabulous. Most of the males were casually dressed except for Eric who had on a full native attire.

Vibe/ Dance:

Erica is certainly a party girl. She had the best dance moves at the party. She hardly stopped dancing. She mostly danced alone in front of the mirror but also danced with other housemates including KiddWaya who tried to touch her breast. Twice!

KiddWaya turned out to be a really good dancer himself. There was a time he had the whole floor to himself. Dude has got dope moves. Another notable dancer in Tolanibaj. She had on a purple gown, very short and clingy. She swayed and twisted well to the rythms.

Nengi wowed all the guys with her moves. She wasnt really dancing but shaking her assests mercilessly. No guy was left without getting a feel of the Nengi charm on his pelvic region. There was surely a lot of rocking going on at the party. Lambo has set really high bars that are here to stay.


KiddWaya and Tolanibaj almost kissed. He buried his face in her hair and it looked like his lips might have brushed hers. Another ship about to sail?

• Dora was throwing jealous looks at Nengi when Ozo was dancing with her.

• Almost all the guys surrounded Nengi for some seconds and she thrilled them by shaking her bounties. Nice!

•Laycon got drunk and was rocking girls all around especially Nengi.

LiRic gave us a lot of sizzling moments from dancing to looks.
Erica has got skills.

KiddWaya tried to touch Erica’s boob twice but she brushed his hands off.

•Erica and Nengi had a moment after the party. Bonding? We hope so.

• Brighto took off his shirt and gave us some not so ‘pastorly’ moves.

First Saturday night party was lit. These housemates are the best so far. You can’t help but love them. We will love to hear from you, please use the comment box.

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