BBNaija: The Love ‘ships’ that are ‘sailing’ in the house (photo’s).

The Lockdown edition of the reality TV show started broadcasting on Sunday 19th July 2020. Since then, the beautiful and dazzling housemates have been thrilling viewers with their singing, intellectual conversations, dancing and games. But nothing surpasses expectations of relationships in the house. The housemates are made up of 10 handsome dudes and 10 hot ladies. We hope that at least 5 charming and compatible couples will be made before the end of 71 days.
Let’s take a look at some of the relationships that are showing signs of going strong already in the house:

•LiRic: Lilo and Eric have been the most entertaining housemates in terms of relationships. Not only are they almost always found together, they exchange sizzling looks that make us go ‘Aww’. They are the most popular couple in the house right now. They do everything together and hardly ever relate with other housemates especially the opposite sex. This ship has definitely sailed. Though it has not been confirmed that anything sexual is going on, they were seen under the duvet making movements that are questionable. Not to worry we love them and hope something lovely comes out of it. They do look so cute together.

•Ozo and Dorathy: these people started as friends but things are getting very complicated now. From day one Ozo and Dorathy have been sleeping together on the same bed. They do everything together but just as friends. However it seems Dorathy wants more from the relationship as she has been seen throwing tantrums because Ozo mentions Nengi frequently. Trouble started when Prince told Ozo to make his move on Nengi. Recall that Ozo had mentioned that Nengi has the kind of physical attributes he admires in women. Ozo also played a prank on Dorathy by telling her he was moving into the HOH’s room with Nengi. Dorathy got angry and asked Ozo move out of her space. He didn’t want to hurt her and even told her that if push comes to shove he would rather just ask her ( Dorathy) out.

•Ozo and Nengi: these two are the most light skinned and probably the most good-looking housemates in the house. Some viewers are routing for this ship to sail. It’s no surprise because Ozo clearly said that Nengi has the attributes he needs in a woman. He’s often talking about her and giving her covert looks. Nengi also told Ozo to make up his mind fast about asking her out because she will ‘soon close her shop’. They are both single and ready to mingle. Who knows, this ship might sail in the coming weeks.

•KiddWaya and Erica: this couple will be a favourite of a lot of people. They look so well together. This ship did not give any indication of wanting to sail at first. Until, Friday when KiddWaya was seen consoling Erica. Erica was crying profusely in one of the rooms. She told KiddWaya that she felt neglected. He was such a gentleman with her. He told other housemates that wanted to use the room to give them a few minutes. He handed her a tissue paper, and placated her with his soothing words. By the time he was through with his minstrations, she was already laughing at his jokes. I personally will love to see this ship sail. They had breakfast together the next day and he even fed her!

Other ships that are likely to sail:
Neo and Vee.
•Tolanibaj and Brighto.
The other housemates that are very close like Trickytee and Wathoni; Nengi and Trickytee but Trickytee said he has a girlfriend and he’d not ready to let her go.
You have a favourite couple? Tell us in the comment section and state your name for them. Cheers!

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