Kundalini Yoga- The Most Common Form of Yoga.

By Monsuru.

Kundalini Yoga is a physical and mental path that paves the way for better consciousness and health. The principle with which this type of yoga works is the ancestral energy believed to animate life.

Kundalini yoga affects the entire body because it supports the vital force at the base of the spinal column and in all parts of the body. The spinal energy that is released when you practice Kundalini gives you the power to show the full potential of human awareness. This energy is unleashed in many ways, such as singing or meditating. However, a different form of energy may be released depending on the conduction of the nervous system in the body.

When Kundalini’s energy is released during practice, it runs to the brain through a conduit near the medulla spinalis. While it goes to the central nervous system, the energy progressively increases the amount of consciousness. The increase in awareness is achievable because the previous bad energy is removed from the body.

Ultimately, the entire yoga frees you from the bondage of common health issues because of its union with divine consciousness.
However, kundalini yoga should be done with caution because the release of more than enough energy could damage the neural network, thus impairing the brain’s activity. Excess energy might go into the lateral channels surrounding the medulla and spinal, producing symptoms that are harmful to the body.
Kundalini yoga is a process of transformation, which gives dynamism to powerful energy current that affect the body, mind, and spirit.

However, Kundalini yoga and its transformation should be led by a professional yogi. The energy of Kundalini would be ideally activated at the appropriate time by a professional who knows when the energy is released. Thus, he can guide the event of that energy.

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