Getting rid of Anger.

Nothing good ever came out from being angry. It’s usually even worse that all of the things most people get angry about are things that shouldn’t get anyone angry at all. It’s a simple psyche training which anyone can implement if they choose to.

Truth is, most people would rather give in to their impulsive violent nature and turn around to blame it on anger or provocation. But, this is actually surmountable, and there is a certain state of inner peace that it brings to the inner ‘chi’ if achieved.

As an individual, you owe it to yourself as a duty to know how to release anger from the body. It is of most benefit to your entire mind that you know how to get rid of repressed anger. Repressed anger can build up in an individual, creating a very hateful person who will end up being depressed and resentful to everyone else around you. Anger can do that to you.

You should know that anger outbursts are entirely in your hands, and therefore, you should learn how to control your anger outbursts through proper anger management exercises and simple mind techniques.


As well as helping you avoid anger, this simple mental and physical exercises will also help you get rid of repressed anger.
One of the best ways of managing anger is to be aware that it is actually a problem and have been affecting your life in ways you don’t want. You have to first acknowledge that you have an anger issue first. Without this realisation, nothing else will work.

Anger management exercises is one of the best ways to calm yourself and prevent any form of anger from building up in you.
This simple techniques will help calm your nerves, opening the right mind alignment to move forward as a person positively.

1) Learn to breathe.

Anger has a way of elevating your breathing, making it shallow or quick. Whenever you notice that something someone said or did is creating this feeling in you, take a deep breath and relax your muscles. You can slowly maintain this over a period until it passes. It helps refocus your brain into concentrating on the breathing rather than the cause of the manifesting anger.

2) Muscle relaxation

Again, when we are tensed, irritated or angry, our muscles tend to be tense.

You can practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques to relax your muscles and calm yourself down. To practice muscle relaxation, tense your muscles as slowly as possible, then release it afterwards.
You can start from the toes, using the other toes to tense your muscles there, then release it.

3) Visualize yourself calm

You can do this by having or creating a fixed happy memory to relapse to in other to wave off the intending or rising anger.

Imagining a sweet memory can help you reduce your anger. To release repressed anger, simply sit down in a comfortable quiet space and dive into your sweet memory then close your eyes. After that, allow your mind to blow you away with wonderful imagination flows.
Keep this moment with you always.

4) Get moving, take a walk.

Daily regular exercise is great for your health and help disintegrate stress build ups in the body. Get some exercises as constantly as you should.
Studies proves that exercises help prolong life span. Bending exercises are also rated very high in this category.

So, take a short walk, do some yoga, bend a little, take a run, ride a bicycle, etc. By all means, get moving and do something that eases the mind and refocuses your energy. Do it everyday.

5) Recognize your triggers.

This needs no introduction. Anger has triggers, and all of the time it is either internally repressed or physically and mentally being aware of. We all know what makes us angry. If you don’t, make a list.
Recognising our anger triggers will help us avoid getting angry and get rid of it in the first instance.

You know, you won’t lose anything if you simply walk away from whatever is leading you on to continue to sustain a particular act that created the anger in you.
All of the time, the things you are mostly angry about is not worth it, and can simply be dismissed as an overlooked thought.

Don’t give it room to grow at all, kill it from the beginning. Stay away from things that triggers your anger. If you can’t stay away, refer to #1 above.
I hope this helps.

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