Testosterone: The Most Significant Male Sex Hormone

By Monsuru.

Male sex hormones are specific chemicals that affect all tissues, organs, systems, and processes in the human body. However, testosterone is the main male steroid hormone, and it is present in both males and females. Male sex hormones are also called androgens.

The importance and influence of testosterone can not be overemphasized. Despite being present in both genders, the amount of testosterone in the body is different in men and women.. However, optimal development of sexual functions is not feasible without this hormone.

What is testosterone?

What makes a man a man, even before being born, is influenced by one single hormone called testosterone. Testosterone helps in the development of muscle, sexuality, and career of the male child.
Although there are several types of male hormones or androgens in the male body, testosterone is the most significant one.

Importance of Testosterone in the body

• Testosterone works like a conductor within the body by controlling the work of other body systems. It can affect the power to work, the way of thinking, intelligence, energy, and behavior patterns. Testosterone is tagged as the “success hormone” because men with a high level of testosterone tend to take action into their own hands.
At the same time, they subordinate others to their will. They express their opinions and anger decisively because they are more energetic, thus more successful.

• Testosterone is vital for the development of secondary sexual characteristics and male sexual functions. This is possible because testosterone levels rise during adolescence, thus, increasing sexual drive.
Thus, testosterone is required in men because of its influence in key processes of the body like –

  • Functioning of the male genitals.
  • Formation of the system.
  • Distribution of fat on the body.
  • Hair growth.
  • Metabolic processes within the human body the emergence of sexual desire.
  • Development of spermatozoa.

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